5 Things That Need To Change For The Crew To Succeed

The final testing event for The Crew has come to a close but with the December 2nd release date looming, there’s a concerning list of problems that need to be resolved if Ubisoft hope to launch the game to a positive reception.

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uth111398d ago

He's complaining that it needs rubber-banding?

CaptainCamper1397d ago

Did the gaming world get more stupid while I slept?

Rubber Banding - Something caused by LAG

Catch Up Mechanics - Increases speed, handling etc of cars at the back of the pack.

Entirely different things lol

Tzuno1397d ago

It needs to be "optimized" i repeat "optimized"

endzeitkind1397d ago

look at these headers. man i can hold it anymore... what a dumb-0

ZombieStalker1397d ago

So he wants rubber banding, instant rewards for not progressing through the game, co-op games where everyone is the same level, some unwarranted comments on the campaign story, and statements that there were very few people playing online.

As for the last one, who wants to download ~20G for a beta! And a beta that had server issues several weeks back. Not to mention a beta during Thanksgiving! (and only lasted a couple of days) I have played for a handful of hours this week and saw plenty of people online which was good considering it was a beta.

As for rubber banding that is a killer for any racing game (just look at drive club - enough said!)

For co-op games, if you are a lower level or have issues competing play some missions and/or upgrade your car.

The campaign comment doesn't say much except that he wants to have waypoints automatically created. Doesn't that defeat an open world game!

CaptainCamper1397d ago

As I said in a previous comment. Rubber banding is caused by lag and has 0 to do with catch up mechanics, something most driving games feature to some extent.

Appears you also need help with the definition of Co-op. Ya know, co-operative play. Something entirely different to COMPETITIVE play.

Try to think as an average consumer for just a minute. You pick up a game with a few friends and find you have to repeat the same missions or play solo to stay on par.

The waypoints is a valid request. If I'm doing a few campaign missions, it wouldn't hurt to put a checkpoint after completing the last, rather than having to open the map, wait 5 seconds of loading, place a marker and then get back into the game. You can always ignore the waypoint and do something else.

uth111396d ago

Seems there are two different definitions of rubber banding then. I just did an online search to be sure. It is widely used in racing games where they AI cars slow down if you fall behind and go faster when you are winning.

s45gr321397d ago

The author wants no challenge from this game. I want the crew to go old school which is doing pretty well able to customize cars,improve say performance of say cars,open world, etc. brings back memories of playing midnight club and need for speed underground 2

bauer0071397d ago

The crew isn't doing that at all

CaptainCamper1397d ago

You say I want no challenge in the game and then praise the random rewards? Why can't I improve the exact elements of my car that I want to improve?

I'd also like to add that practically all of the NFS games have catch up mechanics.