What type of Massively Multiplayer Online player are you?

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Bartle Test divides massively multiplayer online players into four distinct categories; Killers, Achievers, Socialisers and Explorers. Over 851 000 people have taken the test since it was launched in 1999.

The most common result is the Explorer and the most unique the Socializer. What type of MMO player are you?"

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SonZeRo1361d ago

Achiever Explorer and missing from that list is Hoarder as my bags are always full.

HanCilliers1361d ago

So you're the guy in the cartoon

SonZeRo1361d ago

Yeah its like a cartoon was made of my gaming character lol

Volkama1361d ago

The disillusioned kind, that loves the genre but doesn't enjoy what it has become :(

HanCilliers1361d ago

What has it become? Just curious, cause I left WoW cause of "what it has become"

Volkama1361d ago

It's become WoW, and a heap of games built on the WoW template.

WoW isn't actually a terrible game, but it does things a very specific way and it is not to my tastes. Before WoW came along MMORPGs were quite niche, but offered more variety in their core design than you see these days.

Nerdmaster1361d ago

I'm the "I wish this game was single player" kind.

MookaTek1361d ago

I agree. There are so many of these types of games I'd like to play, but they are sullied by having to endure other people.

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