A Look at the Unreleased Crash Tag Team Racing for Nintendo DS

Crash Tag Team Racing was announced for the Nintendo DS back in 2005, but nothing ever came from the game. No footage, no information, not even a picture. The game had the same name as the released versions of the game, which was on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube, but many considered it vaporware for many years, until now.

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Relientk771238d ago

Crash Team Racing (CTR) is my favorite racing game

They need to bring this series back

Skate-AK1237d ago

I played the crap out of CTR and Diddy Kong Racing.

shaw981237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Why couldn't of they delayed the game then? Wait a year or so until Mario kart ds was released. A couple of months away and just throw it away? Mario kart ds was more then satisfying for me (the free 8 player join in was a dream), though it still would have been cool to see what other stuff this game had to offer.