Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location/Items For Week 12 (Nov 28), Selling Exotic Weapon Plan C & More

Here is the list of Xur: Agent of Nine exotic Items and Location For Week 12 (November 28)

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g-nome1362d ago

So what makes plan c so special , my current fusion Wizard 77 also has 300 arc . Unless the recharge time is better.

Themba761362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

the instant switch in pvp. when you swap your gun you have an instant shot with no recharge time.

DarthZoolu1362d ago

i really didn't want this to happen, a lot of people gonna be complaining about plan c being op and its gonna get nerfed.

HeavenlySnipes1362d ago

It also has a very big range so you can kill people from very far away with it

AKS1362d ago

The weapon swap blast is pretty devastating, especially in PvP, and the rest of the stats are generally pretty good already.

Bloodjunkie1362d ago

PLAN C finally you will be mine!!!!!! Muhahahaha

StanLee1362d ago

So gutted. Plan C was my first exotic. Will hate to see PvP flooded with it in coming days. Enjoy. Hate Xur so much. I refuse to buy exotics. He ruins exotics. I get no excitement getting a new exotic from Nightfall strikes, crucible or vanguard tiger knowing it will be on sale next week.

Larry L1362d ago

Change your name. Stan Lee brings fun and good times to all. You're not fun.

generic-user-name1361d ago

Don't be one of those people.

beereal3601362d ago

Wtf I'm still waiting on a story from the regular game to appear and for bungie to yell out April fools. I paid 59 dollars for an incomplete game I'm starting to think all the talent went to 343.

objdadon1362d ago

Lmao!!!!! All the talent went to 343??? How's that mcc multiplayer ehh?

JackOfAllBlades1362d ago

I agree destiny is nowhere near perfect, but I also lol'd at the talent going to 343 comment(more like rofl'd)

Lenrulesdaworld1362d ago

I agree they did go to 343 that what most people don't realize, they shipped a game where the only issue was match making which they addressed & for the most part fixed in two weeks.
Meanwhile destiny released a patch that added something & in return nerfed exoctics by accident...da fuq. Then you look at the halo 5 beta & say damn these guys are good. How can any one deny that core halo team is not at 343.
Even the lead writer left bungie & went to 343, it probably why destinys story is so lame & boring.

theDivision1362d ago

The did not address matchmaking. You still cannot match make for the weekly or nightfall the hardest strikes in the game and the ones that would need matchmaking in order to become easier.

Lenrulesdaworld1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

@division I was talking about 343's latest patch for halo mcc not destiny. Its has help improve match making drastically but still needs more refining.

objdadon1362d ago

Lmao! Halo was good for its time but was getting stale and bungie realized that. Therefore destiny was born. And while not perfect, for the first attempt, Destiny is a hell of a game! And is so much better than halo imo!

Kyosuke_Sanada1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Voidfang vestments...............again. ally......

AKS1362d ago

Armamentarium as well.

I was really hoping for Heart of the Praxic Fire or at least a chest piece engram. I went ahead and bought the Hunter armor because I had 160 coins and nothing to buy again.

I was glad to finally get Plan C. I had no exotic fusion rifles until yesterday evening when I finished the Pocket Infinity bounty, and now I also have Plan C.

I think the only exotics I'm missing now are Red Death, Gjallahorn, Universal Remote, and the elusive Vex Mythoclast.

Enate1361d ago

Man I need the Gjallahorn so bad right now I want it over everything. Friend of mine started like 3 weeks ago an on the second week we ran him through the raid an he pulled it from the chest. The look on my face was priceless let me tell you. I can't even draw the fatebringer or the pretorian foil. Raid has given me the pulse rifle after running it on every character in the past two weeks.