Gamzsone V3 Reveals How Sony Could Steal the Show at E3 2008

Gamzsone V3: "Lets face, E3 is only a short while away, 2 weeks today actually it kicks off with Microsoft's press conference. But what can we expect before E3 with the pre-E3 conferences. First off, there are some pretty big changes. While Reggie Fills Aimme is still at Nintendo, Phil Harrison and Peter Moore have now bitten the dust from Sony and Microsoft and are now at EA Sports and Atari which means no fun with them this year (Especially Peter =( )

But what can Sony pull out of the bag for their conference this year? Well, we tell you all here what could possibly happen at that conference on July 15th."

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Silogon3822d ago

I don't need them to tell me how they could steal the show. This is how they can steal the show.

Announcing and showing:

Suikoden as PS3 exclusive
Final Fantasy 13 real time gameplay
Naughtydog's new project
Team ICO's next game
God of War 3 trailer
Announcing Home open beta is ready to Dl for PSN users
Eightdays back on track for 09 release
Open cache to DL off the webbrowser and run applications
Ratchet and clank's next installment
Tears of blood so we know if it was true or just vapor ware.

That would be a killer E-3 for me.

heyheyhey3822d ago

good ideas there

i really like the Suikoden, Eight Days and Tears of Blood one's


"Open cache to DL off the webbrowser and run applications"

ouch, that would have to be somewhat limited or Sony risk complete chaos

NO_PUDding3822d ago

To win me? Team ICO is all I need. That is all. No God of War. No FFXIII. None of that. Give me some goddamn TRICO/ICO3 intrigue.

And he says Heavy Rain was CGI at E306. Wrong.

Palodios3822d ago

Suikoden 6 was mentioned about two years ago at magicbox(no console named) as in development, but there hasn't been a word about it since, so I have no idea if its still in development. It seems like there are piles of games that were announced years ago that have disappeared.

Sony has really been quiet on most of its titles though. Resistance 2, LBP, Socom, and a few other small ones like Buzz are the only ones who've been getting any time on, and they haven't announced anything new in a long time. I get the feeling they were riding on the blu-ray victory and didn't have a big announcement at GDC, and with GT5:P, and big third party games this spring, they have had enough momentum that they figured they'd save their big new titles for E3.

Lucreto3822d ago

Anytime someone mentions Suikoden it brings a smile to my face and usually bubbles as well.


Omegasyde3822d ago

Negative Suikoden IV sucked monkey. Horrible story, with a real horrible emo character traveling the sea's for no real reason.

Suikoden 3 was awesome and actually deserves a remake along with Suikoden 1 and 2.

Suikoden 5 was decent but still feels like a let down in comparison to Suikoden 3 which had multiple storylines, endings, and alot of secrets stuff. The main characters were cool as well because well you could distinguish what character was male and female...

Not so much for Suikoden 5 or pretty much most JRPG's now adays. Enough with the transvestites Japan.

Lucreto3822d ago

Suikoden 1- An good game but I didn't like the art.

Suikoden 2- The best of the series. Great story and music that still is on my MP3.

Suikoden 3- Never released in Europe so I can't play it. Hope for a psn remake or on the Psp.

Suikoden 4- Worst of the series but I enjoyed it all the same.

Suikoden 5- Second best of the series. Learned from mistakes and improved the difficulty and some memorable characters.

SlyGuy3822d ago

FULLY releasing those PSN cards dammit! I WANT to buy your games so PLEASE let me!!!

I still think it is a shame that I can buy Xbox and Wii points cards so easily and yet Sony PSN cards are almost nowhere to be seen.

P.S. I am an international customer and hence my gripe.

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heyheyhey3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

just show God of War 3- show.... stolen

but i'd also like to see Team ICO's games, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, RDR2, ZOE3, Rogue Galaxy 2, JAD4, a Folklore sequel, Heavenly Sword 2 (please continue the franchise Sony), Uncharted 2, ->SLY COOPER 4<-, Timesplitters 4 as published by Sony and PS3 exclusive and more

but seriously, all eyes on GOW3


i seriously hope not man, Sly Cooper was the mutts nuts :)

i really hope SP are working on it alongside Infamous

and also, i really can't remember what happened at the end of SP3- i remember you had to go through that huge platforming tomb section (which was awesome) and then you had to kill the monkey guy

really can't remember what happend after that- bah! shame i traded it in

Silogon3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Good call, Folklore 2 would be the bees knees, baby! Love that game. I'd also like to see the next Sly Copper game but since SuckerPunch is all up on this absurd Infamous game we probably won't be seeing Sly ever again.

I guess it was kind of finished anyways after the 3rd one anyways.

Palodios3822d ago

mhmmm... Timesplitters 4 published by Sony. I drooled a little on that one.

Mozilla893822d ago

Yeah TS4 exclusive would be sweet. I didn't realize there was so much stuff in the pipeline yet for the PS3 when I read the article. Alot of stuff to look forward to, E3 should be exciting.

alster233822d ago

"Timesplitters 4 as published by Sony and PS3 exclusive" really can u show where u found this?

QuackPot3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Oh mamma. Such a HD.

Omegasyde3822d ago

Timesplitters 4 won't be exclusive. Heck, I can see see free radical pumping out a wii version.

I see alot of potential with the next timesplitters, if content ( created maps) will be easily shared.

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eagle213822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

1 or 2 new HUGE exclusive first party reveals is always welcomed...

Kratos in any shape of form relating to PS3 will explain why I will be *fainted* on the ground... :)

Anything new from Naughty Dog (Jak and Daxter?) or Insomniac will make me happy...

Level-5 showing off White Knight Story gameplay.... Gran Turismo 5 new footage.... Heavy Rain, Tekken 6, L.A. Noire,etc. release Date and gameplay...Rumored new Rockstar reveal at E3.

Square may announce where in the world Kingdom Hearts III and Dragon Quest X is headed to! Hopefully PS3.... new RPG's..

HOME Open Beta for the WORLD.... I can keep going but I will read your comments now...

NO_PUDding3822d ago

Team ICO for me. Only thing. It's what makes me buy a PS3.

And the fact that everythign on the 360 is still mainly a shooter or not very clever. Sony does the innovating.

heyheyhey3822d ago

Dragon Quest next-gen would rock

i loved DQ8

pwnmaster40003822d ago

yeah i dont usually do this but i got banned permanently from gamerzone
wtf and pog is still here
so yeah new account

on topic
does microsoft have a confernce before e3 or something

or are there first

ICUP3822d ago

What did u said/do to get permanent ban?

On topic

GOW 3 and infamous is all i care. :)

pwnmaster40003822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i dont even no maybe because i said in gamerzone that gears 2 looks just like gears1 and i feel sorry for 360 fans

and its funny how lots of 360 fanboys like power of green and pp still isnt banned

ICUP3822d ago

"i dont even no maybe because i said in gamerzone that gears 2 looks just like gears1 and i feel sorry for 360 fans"

really? i have said more worst than that to the Xmicroborg before.

"and its funny how lots of 360 fanboys like power of green and pp still isnt banned"

i know what u mean, i feel for u bro.

pwnmaster40003822d ago

maan it ko i guess this site like 360 fans moe i guess

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hack64643822d ago

I believe sony will have the best showing this E3, that is, aslong as they don't fúck it up and only show old stuff and not give us any suprises or new game announcements. If they show some team ico, gow3, maybe announce a sequel to uncharted or a new jak and daxter, or some other stuff like the rockstar exclusive they will definitely come out victorious. Now if they only show us what we already know, then i will be mighty dissapointed.