Black Friday UK Console Bundle Deals: All of the hottest console bundle bargains in one place

Dealspwn: "Black Friday is here, and we've got a rundown of the hottest [UK] Black Friday games deals and console bundles all in one place for you."

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SniperControl1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Amazing deals, i have forwarded this to some of my mates still looking to get a PS4 this Christmas.

Helpful Bubble.

Nearly all the websites have waiting times or the sites are down due to excessive amount of customers.


Bennibop1329d ago

Those are the best deals (already got a ps4 though.)
I just bought the £150 WiiU with 3 games for my niece and nephew for xmas it such a good offer!

qwerty6761329d ago

deals deals and more deals

RosweeSon1329d ago

Shame it's the now pretty unnatractive Unity bundles on the xbox one or I may have been tempted, there's always next year ;) ps4 and wii u will do for now.

ReturnToSanity1329d ago

Yeah, enjoy all those indies and multiplats until you finally get an Xbox One and wake up.