Europe to get the DualShock3 controller on July 4th

PS3-Sense writes "On July 4th its a big day for us Europeans, because we are getting the DualShock3 controller (finally). Several webshops reported this today including the belgium GameMania. So sit back and wait just five more days to get your hands on a DualShock3 controller!"

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RememberThe3573585d ago

You guys get the controller on our independence day. Thats cool though because thats pretty soon.

chasuk083585d ago

Yeh its very soon ! But i still dont understand why its took so long

jwatt3585d ago

wow why are you guys just getting it?

Yoma3585d ago

It's time to buy another controler !!

Apocwhen3585d ago

It had to be localized for Europe because of the diverse number of languages :D

The Wood3585d ago


had mine since last year so I really hadn't noticed

coolfool3584d ago

I guess Sony have finally sold off the majority of the rest of the worlds sixaxis to the dumping ground that is Europe.

Ok, I am being a bit cynical but why else has it taken so long?

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heyheyhey3585d ago

goddamit finally

seriously, what is wrong with SCEE?

we better get GOW3 a few weeks early or something

eagle213585d ago

Maybe SCEE will do some special deal with a PSN game or something....

I don't care who gets GOW3 first, man just the thought of GOW3 is all I need today.... :P

Mikelarry3585d ago

SCEE....... DEALS.........BUAHAHAHAHA lol yeah that will be the day

Peow3585d ago

I'm fairly certain you get KZ2 first, isn't it being made in Europe? That's assuming KZ2 won't have a worldwide release on day 1 like MGS4, though. :)

heyheyhey3585d ago

well i doubt KZ2 will make Japan within at least a few months of the EU/NA release

but yeah... it's in Sony's interest to have simultaneous EU/NA launch

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Captain Tuttle3585d ago

Europe = Sony's rented mule

niall773585d ago

stupid move on SCEE's part.

I got mine on inport (arrived june 11th) :D

Mikelarry3585d ago

yes we getting it but the real q is how much is it gonna cost.

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The story is too old to be commented.