Irresistible Black Friday discounts hit PlayStation Store today!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are a typical American phenomeonon. Luckily the European Playstation Store let’s the European gamers celebrate as well with a load of discounts on tons of games.

Particularly nice are the deals for Diablo III Ultimate Edition and Shadow of Mordor.

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Blues Cowboy1205d ago

Yeah, these are totally resistable. A few decent Vita discounts on here though.

Canary1205d ago

I haven't seen a single sale price that looked terribly appealing to me. Shadow of Mordor for $25 USD came the closest, though.

Ravenheartzero1206d ago

Might grab walking dead season 2 and oddworld, not too shabby

BadlyPackedKeebab1205d ago

At £9.99 its a no brainer. I loved both TWD seasons and The Wolf Among Us.

If I understand it both their Borderlands game and Game Of Thrones ones start over here next week. Season pass both I suspect based on recent form of TellTale.

JimmyDM901205d ago

I wish the U.S. had those Walking Dead deals.

InTheZoneAC1205d ago

we've had plenty of walking dead deals...

JimmyDM901205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

But none on PS4. (Granted the PS4 versions are only a month old.) Still I'm jealous of this deal.

Gwiz1205d ago

I wouldn't call them great deals,i can get some of these titles for almost the same price used and being able to resell them again.

theshredded1205d ago

EU's sales are always better

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