New White Knight Story screenshots

Japanese site TGBus has posted 21 new screenshots of Level-5's Playstation 3-exclusive JRPG, White Knight Story.

Still no other news on this one apart from that it will be released this fiscal year.

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eagle213824d ago

I can get the TGS Gameplay footage for WKS from 2007. Not the one with the boss with the fire at the end, it was another boss..almost horselike/animal (I think) but really HUGE. I remember a guy was playing it with his girlfriend chatting with him....

anyway..(sorry for the off topic)

Can't wait for this game. :)

Marceles3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

i gotta find that footage

eagle213824d ago

This partcular video was a video of a gamer playing while the camera zoomed in on his playtime. I will check every video on the link. Thanks again.. :)

TheHater3824d ago

While those are new screen shots, they are taken from the demo we saw at the Tokyo Game Show

magicfrog3824d ago

Acturally, the original source "TGbus" is a non-reliable Chinese website
and I think all PS3 JRPG fans are already tired for those old screenshots....:(
Just hope during the E3 SCEJ and Level5 will bring something new

soul899er3824d ago

for some reason, from the gameplay footage i saw makes me think that FF XIII's ATB battle system will be similar to this, watch the gameplay and youll see what i mean, anyways, i hope it comes out this year, tomorrow would be great lol x]

Bombomb3824d ago

still do not know much about it..

HighDefinition3824d ago

The COMBAT system. Is truly unbelievable.

fox023824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Why does all JRPG male characters have to look sooo gay?? Why???

Vaan, Tidus... (the only ones I can remember)

the combat system's really good btw.

pwnmaster40003824d ago

remember u can make ur own character and custamize them.

its like oblivion with character creation

Homicide3824d ago

The battle system looks incredible. Also it's level 5; they've made Jeanna D'Arc, which is my favorite game on the PSP. It better come out soon in the states.

Mr Fancy Pants3824d ago

me gusto el trailer porque esta en espanol.

NO_PUDding3824d ago

It's not though. It's Japanese I assume, with subtitles.

And you forgot the tilde on the n.

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ISA_Scum3824d ago

They're really taking their sweet time with this game and it's more annoying waiting for news on this thing than it is FFXIII. Seriously, Level 5 did the same thing with Rogue Galaxy and that game ended up being very mediocre. Time to put up or shut up.

Mr Fancy Pants3824d ago

well i think that Rogues Galaxy was pretty good...

SixTwoTwo3824d ago

Dragon Quest 8 was pretty good too. Level 5 has a good track record with RPG's.

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The story is too old to be commented.