New Working GTA V Stock Market Mega Cash Exploit For PS4/Xbox One Post Patch 1.04

Se7ensins forum user "DatGews" have discovered a brand new "Stock Market" exploit in Grand Theft Auto V single-player portion, you can check out step by step instruction to make use of this exploit

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MasterCornholio1183d ago

And that's how you manipulate stock markets in real life.


boing11183d ago

What's the fun in using such exploits?

hiredhelp1183d ago

I agree boing1
I mean seriously right ive not yet played gta V still wait PC looking at you R taps feet hand on side face.
The other games gave you loads ways earn cash much more fun way than hack thats my oppinion.
But if this for you each to there own. :)

bunt-custardly1183d ago

Yeh I figured using this cheat simply takes away a cool post-game activity which is worth doing properly. I'm not sure why people are in a hurry to gain all properties when money becomes worthless using said cheat. Maybe there's an achievement/trophy tied to it then I can understand the appeal for some people.

ABBAJESUS1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I rather just shoot people in the face and get their money.

SuperbVillain1183d ago

stock market doesnt work online?