Is the Fabled Pokemon MMO Closer Than Ever?

This week Game Freak release their latest Pokémon remakes - Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (OR & AS) - but despite the connotations remakes carry the series is far from treading old ground.

Last year the classic franchise got an overhaul with X & Y, which introduced 3D-modeled characters and creatures, diagonal rather than the grid-based movement, sky battles, customisable clothing for trainers, and horde encounters for the first time in the mainline series.

It also introduced Super Training for quickly increasing EV stats, made the decision that Fairy Pokémon would now be their own type, and brought to the table the most robust online component in the series to date. These features in particular greatly altered how pro-Pokémon players approached the game.

All that without mentioning Mega Evolutions, which introduced new super-powerful forms for forty six Pokémon (so far) across X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

So what about that Pokémon MMO?

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GdaTyler1357d ago

I would love an open-world Pokemon game like the GTA games where you can traverse the large maps. Using different Pokemon as transport could be awesome and battles could be more dynamic.