The five most addictive games ever created – Virtual crack at its finest

MWEB GameZone Writes: " Some games are so addictive they can, and probably should, be called “virtual crack”. Just one more match, one more turn or one more level. No matter what you should be doing or where you are suppose to be, these games can keep you locked away in front of your gaming device for hours or even days on end.

Here is a list of the five most addictive games ever created."

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HoldenZA1396d ago

Wow, I loved the original pokemon, blue red and yellow. I kind of lost interest afterwards.

That being said, I did spend a ton of time on the originals.

Great list!

Sillicur1396d ago

Blue is, if i REALLY had to choose one, probably my favorite just because i spent the most amount of time on it :( Dont want to even say the hours :)

PoSTedUP1396d ago

im with ya. blue because blastoise was my fav, and its the only one i had/wanted. silver was amazing and the last one i played.

cod4: mw should be in this list if not #2 or 3. imo.

Sillicur1396d ago

Hahaha well timed sir! Well timed. Im going to go back today, I just cant help myself :(

CongoKyle1396d ago

Awesome list, but I honestly feel online competitive games (Dota 2, Counter-Strike and LoL) have many more addictive aspects.

You're always playing to improve, try out new characters, build on the mistakes you made in the previous game and then you wake up and it's Tuesday morning.

Take it from someone with 5500 hours in Dota 2, and currently 1100 hours on CS:GO, that's some real virtual crack. Let's not forget you're usually playing with friends over some VoIP program.

Sillicur1396d ago

Yeh, Dota 2 almost made the list, it really did. Competitive gaming is addictive, as a whole for me instead of just one individual game.

I have about 2k games played in Dota 2, yet my pokemon hours still more than double that lolol

HanCilliers1396d ago

Clearly not a WoW player, amiright?

Back-to-Back1395d ago

"5500 hours in Dota 2"

Seek medical attention that is not healthy

HanCilliers1396d ago

I will never be free of Azeroth.

Sillicur1396d ago

I honestly believe I will have the craving to go back 10+ years from now as well. It just keeps calling to me !

lord zaid1396d ago

I am still playing Batman Arkham City. Even though I have completely everything there is to do, It will not release me.

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