12 PlayStation 2 Games You Forgot You Loved

This list contains some brilliant titles from PS2 that you played and played, then shoved into a dusty corner of your brain and never bothered to think about again, until now. So open up the nostalgia draw, pull out that memory quilt and reminiscence slippers and get ready to go on a lovely warm journey through history and happiness.

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hiredhelp1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Good question.... But also same for first psx games just soo many great games i may forgotten untill I hear the name.
I used to like smugglers run by rockstar on ps2 never hear about that game and were is Black and The getaway jees... Lol that said i think more psx games tbh for me.

frezhblunts1326d ago

In my opinion that wasn't a good list like I did not play most of those games and I had a ps2. I can admit onimusha and tenchu were games I played and really like. I always wanted to try ico too but the others I never even heard of besides the monster hunter which I played on wii u

Dirtnapstor1326d ago

Loved The Getaway 1 & 2. Wish they'd reboot that series, even if they included some of the original content. XIII was also a great game.

HatsuneMikuDes1326d ago

I haven't played any of these games on my ps2... Where's Jak and Daxter?

1326d ago