Microsoft Announces Resignation of Xbox Japan General Manager After Eight Years at the Helm

Today Microsoft Japan made a brief announcement disclosing that the local General Manager of Interactive Entertainment Business Takashi Sensui resigned from his position.


Updated with a follow-up announcement

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KonsoruMasuta1392d ago

It was his job to sell it. You should blame him.

BitbyDeath1392d ago

Bit hard to sell it when you are given 0 studios to work with.

Ballsack1392d ago

Bet he got paid really really well aswell

Anon19741392d ago

This poor guy must have been like the Maytag repairman.

PudgeyBurrito1392d ago

He could probably just walk into Nintendo or Sony and be like " Hey, You guys got any of that stuff called work around here? I have been on a payed vacation for 8 years and a little sense of accomplishment would go along way for my self esteem "

the_awesome071392d ago

If he resigned because of XBOX sale and performance , i don't blame him for that

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Ausbo1392d ago

Isn't it possible he was forced out? I mean xbox has failed in Japan. They could have forced him to resign

the_awesome071392d ago

that could be a possibility ...

brotherlymoses1392d ago ShowReplies(2)
torchic1392d ago

can't believe how long he was allowed to stay in the post he has done an awful job on both consoles :/ of course the guys in Redmond didn't help his cause either

FriedGoat1392d ago

It's not his fault, Xbox could be the best rpg player ever and they still wouldn't buy it.

dirkdady1392d ago

If it had the best rpg on it exclusive it would have sold in spades. On the 360 we saw bumps in sales whenever games like lost odyssey (a B tier game) came out. If it had final fantasy as an exclusive you can bet it would have shifted boatloads.
X1 barely has RPGs on it at the moment And it won't even have the upcoming persona 5 which is exclusive to ps4.

ScorpiusX1392d ago

Well now that he's gone time to find some Youngblood , that knows the industry out in Japan. Who not afraid to think outside the box .

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The story is too old to be commented.