GTA VI: 11 Things That Must Be Included

These 11 must-haves for GTA VI will each improve the violent, hilarious insanity of the series, rather than making play more of a chore.

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skydragoonity1328d ago

I agree with some of the things on the list like the 1st person view.. But I don't think a female protagonist is necessary, also kids in a GTA game? Lol pls no.

dreamed1328d ago

It needs a wingsuit like farcry....cant belive it hasnt been added yet!!!

sungam3d1328d ago

So much click bait...
Not enough time...

Seriously, 11 pages.
ONe tiny paragraph per page.
Go away with this clickbait crud.

mx1041328d ago

2 characters would be good. Also being able to create your own at the beginning

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The story is too old to be commented.