10 Emotionally-Draining Video Games You Only Finished Once

For those times when you need a good lie down afterwards.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The Last Of Us finished once? I don't know too many people who haven't played through The Last Of Us less than 5 times. I'm working on my 8th play through, first play through on grounded. Been busy with DriveClub, Natural Doctrine, and Dragon Age. Too many games, and not enough time...

ArchangelMike1327d ago

I've played through TLOU at least 3 times now, and I'm going through it on Grounded Mode again.

Same with the Mass Effect games, I've completed the entire series more than 3 times.

The Walking Dead is one that I play through multiple times just to see what happens with different characters.

opoikl1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Journey did this to me, especially from the point someone joined my play-session and stuck with me till the end.

We danced, flew through the sky, helped each other out, chimed back and forth, were curious, patient, caring.

When we walked into the light at the end, we spiraled around each other, drawing an endless double helix in the sand. It was like we were meant for each other, like we belonged together and shared a deep understanding. I was actually in man-tears after this experience, so much so that I forgot to note down the other player's profile name after the game ended. Maybe it's for the better, because I will always carry this amazing experience with me. It became something of a sacred thing to me which shook me up for several days after the credits rolled - that's also why I haven't touched the game since.

It made me feel connected to another soul in a way I never seem to have achieved in real life. It's funny and disturbing at the same time; take away our complex and sophisticated means of communicating to one another and we seem to understand each other that much more..

Conzul1327d ago

LOL exactly, it's the "emotionally draining" games that I play waaay more than once.

The emotionally dead games....what's the point in replaying those?

kneon1327d ago

I've finished tlou at least 7 times. How could anyone play it only once?

Nerdmaster1327d ago

I only played it because of the story. The gameplay, specially because of the overuse of stealth, for me is only OK, so I didn't feel the need to play it more than once.

nix1327d ago

even i played it once. i could also play it only once because i got motion sickness which i normally don't get when i play other games.

i normally play it for story. most of the games. so that's that.


Heavy Rain. oh god. that's one game that completely drained me out. it was like 12 straight hours of drama. in two stages. i don't think i can ever play that game again. not even for the alternate ending because i saw all of them on youtube.

Septic1327d ago

I dont get why you need to play it more than once? Its a linear game and the story is hardly going to change. Maybe for the collectibles or increased difficulty? For me, the main draw was the story of the game. Once I experienced that, that was it.

kneon1327d ago

It's no different than watching a movie you've already seen or re-reading a book, you want to experience it again.

Sure it doesn't have quite the same impact as the first time but it's still enjoyable.

But I also had the added problem that every other game seemed like crap after playing TLOU. When I tried to play other games the cheezy dialog, mediocre voice acting and lame stories really stood out. So for around 6 months the only other game I could play was Gran Turismo as it has no story or dialog.

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Septic1327d ago

I only finished it once. I don't see why you would play it again but then again, almost all my mates have played it multiple times. One of my mates has completed it over 7 times!

Very rarely do I ever play single player games twice.

monkeyDzoro1327d ago

I played each GodOfWar games at least times, same with each Uncharted games. Same with KingdomsOfAmalur, ArkhamCity and many other great games.
The story is great, characters are great, combats are great (especially in GoW), gameplay is great --> replay value.
That's old school gaming for those who don't know. Replay value isn't JUST in multiplayer. And it's that MP trend that ruined many experiences in games last gen.

Septic1327d ago

"That's old school gaming for those who don't know. Replay value isn't JUST in multiplayer. And it's that MP trend that ruined many experiences in games last gen."

How would the MP trend jeopardise your ability to replay the single player portion of the game over and over again ? And yeah it was Old school gaming by virtue of the fact that not many mp experiences existed back then. Doesn't make it any more superior mind you.

Some people are averse to repetition.

Spotie1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Because the more devs focus on multiplayer, the less replayability they put into the singleplayer to make it worth your while to play over and over.

I play pretty much all my singleplayer games multiple times over. To be honest, though, that was an easier thing to do in the past, when such games were a big focus. As opposed to say, FFVIII- which I've played a dozen times- I only played through Dragon Age twice, even though I really enjoyed that game.

Nowadays, instead of unlocking new stuff after the first playthrough, we've all gotta wait for DLC to get more out of the singleplayer. But multiplayer...

Paytaa1327d ago

Yeah there was no way I could only finish TLOU once. I beat it 4 times on PS3, twice on PS4 and currently on my Grounded playthrough. Honestly TLOU has a ton of replay-ability which isn't really common for its genre. I know I'm going to have to play it at least once a year because that's how good it is.

Fizzler1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I couldn't even finish TLoU, it was just too sad for me, I found it got to the point where I had severe trouble staying hydrated as all my bodily fluids were constantly flowing out as tears, that game touched my manhood in all the right places.

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Viryu1327d ago

I couldn't get myself to play TLoU again. For me the game was all about the story, the discovery of what's next. Once it's finished, I didn't feel the need to play it again. It was indeed emotionally draining game which I finished only once.

Though out of those games I'd say Heavy Rain is the biggest hitter when it comes to emotions and story. It was, just, WOW.

Closely to the intended thesis is The Walking Dead. Because of the art style I couldn't get deeply emotional with it though /sadpanda

Brothers, well, I know what they wanted to do with the story, but it was quite predictable. And I couldn't help but feel I've already played it before.

Mass Effect 3, no, it was an enjoyable action game which I completed couple times. Emotional? Not really.'

Same for Red Dead, but because of the big open world nature, I didn't have to restart it.

Pogmathoin1327d ago

A lot of games get you excited to play it through a second time, but many, you realize once you get into it, do not actually have that replay buzz. Tlou, did it twice, but doubt I will ever boot it up again....

Perjoss1327d ago

Horrible layout for a website, 10 pages for a single article and a bajillion ads on each page :(

SniperControl1327d ago

Ahh man, i hate those click link articles, why they cant just can put it on one page defeats me, i suppose the website gets more clicks and shows more ads.

Once i realise it is a click link article, i never go past the first page.

Perjoss1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

mind = blown, thanks.

(+bub helpful)

JudgmentJay1327d ago

Final Fantasy X had me down for a while

Blues Cowboy1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The last game that did that for me was Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Couldn't put it down, then had to lie down in a dark room.

Disappointed by the sequel, but at least it had an AMAZING ending.

Shame about the site layout, but nice article. Good to see indie games grouped right in there with the AAAs with no distinction between them.

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