AceGamez Review: Soul Nomad And The World Eaters

AceGamez writes: "Recently I had the joy of playing Persona 3, an RPG with a very strong Japanese styling and hints of Western efficiency, which produced a truly superb experience that unfortunately appeared at the end of the PS2 cycle.

Funnily enough, I experienced that same feeling from first playing Persona 3 as I began to get to grips with Soul Nomad & The World Eaters, another RPG that was never intended to push the boundaries of cinematic masterpieces like Metal Gear Solid 4 or indeed be comparable to the engrossing graphics of a big hitter like Assassin's Creed. Instead, it is a unique take on a well-established genre, backed up by what has been the main backbone of Nippon Ichi Software for many years now - involving and unusual gameplay and mechanics."

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