Infiltrating Someone’s Mother Base is not Part of Metal Gear Online, Hideo Kojima Confirms

Kojima has stated that the ability to infiltrate other people’s Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain — an aspect of the title shown at Gamescom earlier this year — is not part of the Metal Gear Online experience.

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BiggerBoss1393d ago

Awesome, i guess that means we are getting a proper Metal Gear Online after all:)

Freddy_Millz11393d ago

Don't get too excited. You know how they like to treat MGO.

STEP 1: Tease it but dont tell the consumer it will not be available until after release
STEP 2: Release it and never fix exploits that are found after beta.
STEP 3: Has it been out for a year already? screw it, SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

GrandpaSnake1393d ago

slight exaggeration, mgo1 lasted a little under a year but had tournaments you could play out of the comfort of your own home and get goodies delivered to your home. all wich were monitored against exploits and the majority of glitchers did get banned.that was on ps2 with free online. on mgo2 with ps3 it also suffered from a lot of the main problems from glitchers especially when you could alter your upload speed in the settings but the game did last for 4 years and had a lot of cheap expansions full of content that even games nowadays pale in comparison. MGO is finally coming back and it will be better than ever... too bad i will probably suck now. extremely high learning curve indeed.

NarooN1393d ago

The worst part of MGO2 was the actual community itself. Seriously, the community was worse than CoD's at the time. At least in CoD if someone annoyed you, you could just mute them. But in MGO2, you had a bunch of little kids forming clans and cliques and just ganging up on everyone else in the wrong way. What's this? You started owning them? Prepare to get kicked from the room, EVEN IF YOU HOSTED IT. Lol, I don't miss that nonsense at all.

Aberdasher1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Oh my god, I cannot agree more about the community. An absolute cesspool of douchebags and elitists. Especially if you played in that team mode that came out with the first expansion. I'd play it for fun, and be put in a team with a bunch of other randoms just looking for a fun game.

Then, the opposing team would always, ALWAYS, be a clan full of straight up m*therf*ckers who would belittle and trash talk from the get go like they were God's gift to MGO. It took a lot of the fun out of playing the game because all you encountered was this kind of interaction from other players. For every 50 players you met, maybe 5 of them were decent people and that is sadly not an exaggeration.

I don't miss that at all either and I sincerely hope the community for MGO3 is not this, and you can actually play the game and make new friends without encountering "lol u fukn skrub leave the lobby noob b4 i own ur ass sum more". I'm actually angry having to think about all that again, haha..

Scatpants1393d ago

I hope this is better than the old Metal Gear Online. That had the most convoluted control scheme ever.

hkgamer1393d ago

Which mgo you talking about? Subsistence one or mgs4 version?

Mgs has had that problem since the controls have evolved from the original mgs. They kind of added more and more controls including touch sensitive ones such as aiming.

Mgs4 simplified it in a sense and ground zeroes got rid of touch sensitove controls and has controls aimilar to most 3rd person games.

Also la studios is making this so controls shouldnt be a problem.

franwex1393d ago

Well, it controlled like the actual game, so most likely it will be the case this time around too-like every game that has multiplayer actually.
I personally didn't have a problem with the controls, but I know new comers did. Just play the main story to get it down.

hkgamer1393d ago

Its strange how kojima has to clarify this. I guess most people getting confuseddoesnt play mgs games.

I blame media coverage as well. Most sites should have explained the difference.

GrandpaSnake1393d ago

i dont find it too strange i found many people here telling people misinformation about how its just a MP-coop aspect of phantom pain.

hkgamer1393d ago

Which is why i fond it strange that kojima himself needs to explain.

Should be journalists and reporters that should be informing people. But i guess its just me and i dont use twitter.

The people spreading misinformation are people confusing phantom pains online elements to mgo which ia technically a different game.

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