Here Be Dragons – Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Locations and How to Kill Them

So you think you got the stuff to be a dragon slayer in Dragon Age: Inquisition, eh? Well, this isn’t Skyrim where dragons are plentiful and are mere nuisances at higher levels. There are ten dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition and each of them provide a unique challenge that should be prepared for beforehand and many of them can’t just be steam-rolled over by gear or level. Some dragons are easy to find, some are trickier, but this guide will highlight where to find the high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition and how to beat them.

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Deeke1211d ago

Awesome guide! I've seen people take down dragons with ease using the Knight Enchanter. Makes me want to remake a mage, but I'm ~40hrs in sooooo

TRD4L1fe1210d ago

Make Vivianna the knight enchanter. I have her in my party and her buff/barriers are amazing.

Christopher1210d ago

I'm not sure on the accuracy of the others, but in my game the Fereleden Frostback is only level 12, not 14. I almost took it out with me at 12 and my party at 10 or 11. But, the fire resistance really does hurt you if you decided to take your fire specced mage :P

TRD4L1fe1210d ago

I'm at my 4th dragon and just ran into one at Dragon island and not only does it have 200k health but it hits like a damn tank and constantly moves away.

Stapleface1210d ago

Yeah that ones tough. I had to leave so I can go back later. The damn thing not only has over 200k health, it recharges it's shield a bit too often. Had the shield 3/4 of the way down last time I tried to fight it and it just recharged it. Couldn't put a dent in it's health bar past the initial 30k in damage I did.

Systemshock21210d ago

Found all but one, this guide will help me to locate the one i am missing.

xReDeMpTiOnx1210d ago

I've already took out all dragons and beat the game on hard with beating the last boss in 10 seconds with my bow build.

Anyone Intrested in my build can pm me, due to the nature of bows in dragon age and most people thinking they suck. I easily deal out 50-100k DPS in 10 seconds with bows