One Year Later, Is the PS4 Worth It?

Hardcore Gamer: After a year commanding the market, is Sony's newest console actually worth buying right now?

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Big_Game_Hunters1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

not yet imo. will be by the end of 2015 i hope.

Retroman1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )




mikeslemonade1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Yep.. it's probably the best bang for my buck purchase next to my laptop. Hours of current gen gaming, and that's a lot of value there.

Haters just got no money lol^

XboxOneX1333d ago

PS4 is a good console and I dont understand why EVERYONE is saying the console has no good games. It has great racing games like DriveClub and remastered games like The Last of Us. And soon it will have UNCHARTED 4. I am glad I own the PS4 and played The Last of Us what I never got to play on PS3.

clouds51333d ago

Drive club is not really interesting. I don't care about what is going to be released "soon" and I'd say most of us played alot of last of us already. 400$ is a lot of money to get a resolution update for my favorite game^^
PS4 still has to prove itself in terms of games. The wii u for example has already done that. You get the system and chose from a variety of exclusives that are simply amazing.
And then there is the hardware issue. New assassins creed game developed for the new gen systems and it runs closer to 20fps instead of 30 and every 2nd game is not even 900p? --> nope. Invest that money in a gaming PC if you ask me.

BitbyDeath1333d ago

You downplay Last of Us and talk up a game made by Ubisoft?

//Can't tell if serious or...

Omegasyde1333d ago


Driveclub is still the best looking racer out there. The online portion has also been fixed and they offer free dlc already.

Does it excuse the crap launch? No but my opinion still stands.

u4one1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Drive club is an average game that has spent most of its release time being broken. and remastered titles are just that... Buy a new console to play the same games you were just playing on the old console? Upgraded textures and res are nice but let's be real..... That's literally just giving an old game a paint job except you're paying full price... Again.... After that $400 for the console. And yes uncharted will be great but it's not here now so the question was is the ps4 worth it one year later? I think a fair answer is it will be soon but not yet. It's an awesome system but not much available to show off that awesome

Loadedklip1333d ago

Your best examples is a racing game that under delivered despite being delayed a year and a game from last gen as reasons why the PS4 is amazing ... think about that.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1333d ago

It's worth it to me and in the end, that's all that matters.

Mr_Writer851333d ago


If people don't see the value then they don't see the value.

But when people do see the value they do.

Simple really.

stuna11333d ago

You can bet your "Sweet Bippy" it is! I have played mines daily. And next year will definitely be the year I play mines into ground, so I've taken precautionary steps to aquire another for "Black Friday!"

CervantesPR11333d ago

another article like this?

TheModernKamikaze1333d ago

Because I have don't have much money, I need to plan what I will buy. I'm sticking with my PS3 for a while since it has a lot of games I haven't played yet.

u4one1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

yeah. thats smart. unless you love the games that are out right now on ps4 then its best to wait til sometime in 2015 or until the library gets more diverse. the game selection is growing but its not big enough to have lots of things for everyone. more like some things for some people. #nextgenproblems

JimmyDM901333d ago

The best time to get it is after the PS5 comes out. The price will be very low and its game library will be at its peak. Plus the games will be super cheap.

Omegasyde1333d ago

3rd party alone makes the ps4 worth it.... shareplay is a game changer.

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