Bonus Round Episode 23: Part 2 - E3 Preview

What does Sony have in store for the PS3 and PSP for the remainder of 2008?

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Condoleezza Rice3821d ago

With so much quality software already out and many more to come,features to unveil and surprises galore,Sony's conference will most likely be the best of the show!

LordXenu3821d ago

Isnt E3 the same day as the revelation of JUNE NPD?

If so then it will be EPIC

I am expecting GOW3 at e3,2008

as for NPD

i expect 700k Wii
350k-500k PS3
230k x360

Hopefully JULY sees the end of FAKE VG numbers at n4g

hack64643821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I believe sony will have the best showing this E3, that is, aslong as they don't fúck it up and only show old stuff and not give us any suprises or new game announcements. If they show some team ico, gow3, maybe announce a sequel to uncharted or a new jak and daxter, or some other stuff like the rockstar exclusive they will definitely come out victorious. Now if they only show us what we already know, then i will be mighty dissapointed.

3821d ago
hotshot1273821d ago

arent that close this time around. i notice lately that sony has been very consistent in when they show something and how soon it comes.

the playstation store revamp was confirmed and then released 2 to 3 weeks later. the video download service was confirmed a 2 days ago and is being released THIS summer.

last year, i think sony a way...forced to show alot of the things they showed because they were in a bad position as far as the media and there sales so they had to maintain people hopes.
i'm sure other people can agree that sony did'nt want to launch the ps3 until holidays of 07 but the 360 ended up changing plans for sony...thus making them have to show everything alot earlier.

HOME probably wasn't sceduled until fall of 08 anyway but sony had to show home and say it was coming a year ago to show future promises of whats to come. so this years e3, where sonys much more comfortable in thier positioning, they wont show many new games but instead talk about features that are coming out this year, and games that are coming out this year.

features like, HOME, video download store, and drop 2.4 on the day of there speech. its going to be a good e3 but a e3 thats focused on THIS YEAR as opposed to next year products.

MK_Red3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

This episode was better but they are still focusing too much on casual stuff. 360's episode was just them saying how MS will go after Wii and Motion sensetive stuff. Here at least the talk about PixelJunk Eden and InFamous but then, they go back to Buzz, Home and other non-main gaming stuff.
I wanna hear their speculations about God of War 3, Team ICO Project, Heavy Rain and such not Home or how Sony can get some of Wii's casual gamers.

At least N'Gai mentioned Socom 4 and Stephen mentioned some secret and interal PSP game that he's excited about.

LordXenu3821d ago

please make them happen

BananaSlug3821d ago

Anyone else have to look away when Brian Crecente gets screen time?

LordXenu3821d ago

what kind of comment is that?