12 Games That Completely Ruined The Fan’s Expectations

There are many games released in 2014, some were awesome but also some games ruined the expectations of fan. Here are the 12 most disappointed games of 2014.

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Physco1326d ago

I was thinking that unity will b the best game of year 2014 but i was totally wrong

VegasDawg1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

You mean the highest selling Halo of all time? Not only that but Microsofts highest selling game of all time, that Halo 4? That would mean it made more fans.

I agree with Destiny, Watch Dogs and AC Unity the rest are some what arguable. No doubt about the quality of these games.

Retroman1326d ago

NFS-Rivals........GREATEST-dis appointment.

Spotie1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I'm certain those sales weren't at all front-loaded, based on fan expectations that were then betrayed. /s

Don't I recall hearing something like Halo 4 had the quickest multiplayer dropoff of any of the games? And weren't at least some fans upset at what they felt was a forced romance between MC and Cortana? But you still think it wasn't a disappointment?

VegasDawg1325d ago

@Spotie Fans are always disappointed in every game and the biggest MP drop off (people still play) just might have something to do with more choice in the consoles later life cycle? The thing is you nor I know, stop crying man it's unbecoming.

VegasDawg1325d ago

@GT67 I didn't omit NFS I just don't play racing games anymore, but I never expect big things from EA either.

Halo2ODST21324d ago

Halo 3 sold 11million units, halo 4 sold 8m & reach sold 9m units, do some research boy

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SockeyBoy1326d ago

I thought Halo 4 was effing amazing! Loved the campaign!

1324d ago
bigboss201326d ago

I reckon these pics of the monster looking character is gonna go down as a classic joke in gaming in years to come lol looks like they live or something :D

BabyObama1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

For Me it would be
Just off the top of my head
Loved halo killzone2 and tes4
I expected a lot from their sequels and I thought destiny was going to be awesome but I was wrong

WitWolfy1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Assassins Creed didnt ruin any expectations for me. I excpected it to SUCK balls. Then in the end, ending up one of the best games I played all year.

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