Amazon Reloads Black Friday Deals, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, PS4 Bundle Promo Planned


"New Amazon Black Friday Deals have been added to the Black Friday Video Game Deals Week Hub! Recently added items and deal nuggets include:

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spaceinvader1271d ago

what deals have you scored?

Pillsbury11270d ago

I got a ps4 camera for 40$.

mikeslemonade1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

16GB DDR3 Desktop ram for $96 before tax. That's the best deal I've got.

And about to get Shadow of Generic for $25, but only problem is it's not $35 for free shipping.

MaximusTKG1270d ago

Shadow of Generic, really? Have you even played the game to make such a judgement? It is anything but generic, including one of the most fluid and responsive combat controls in a long time. It feels like you said that out of spite for something, but I cannot tell what. Good day sir.


I got Titanfall Delux Edition from Xbox Store for 15$

MSBAUSTX1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Sucks for me because I bought that a month ago again for 25 bucks and bought the season pass for 25 bucks and .ow I could have gotten it all for less than 25 lol. Doh!

Frontier defense is freaking fun as hell though.

Macdaddy711270d ago

MS has titianfall online for $9.99 awesome deal.....walking dead $24.99 for season one n two

MSBAUSTX1270d ago

I got a PS4 with Little Big Planet 3, Lego Batman 3, COD Ghosts, and an extra Dual Shock 4 and I spent only $492! That is basically 3 games and a DS4 controller for only $92! That is all after taxes too! Now it just needs to freaking get here lol

Kingoftherodeo1270d ago

walmart had the xbox one controllers for 29 dollars

URNightmare1270d ago

I bought Shadow Of Mordor for $25 at BestBuy.

C_Dub1270d ago

Same here, Shadow of Mordor for $25 through Amazon. Free two day shipping with Prime as well.

Project_Storm1270d ago

I was able to snag infamous SS for $19.99 on PS Store, Shadow of Mordor for $29.99 on(XBL), A.C. Unity for &34.99, and T.L.O.U remastered ($24.99) (newegg digital downloads).

I'm pondering getting forza 5 for $24.99 on newegg as well. Lastly, i am about to get a 4 or 5TB hard drive for less than $140 each. I am pretty content with the deals right now.