Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review | GameCloud Australia

Bernadette Russell at GameCloud Australia writes:

"I love the AC franchise dearly (well, mostly) and found traversing Unity to be easily one of the most enjoyable and beautiful. Unfortunately, awkward combat, a waste of epic history, and enough loading time to paint my nails resulted in an underwhelming disappointment. Arno is welcome back as a refreshingly personable contract killer anytime, but Ubisoft need to back off from creating online multiplayer focused games, and get back to what used to be an experience. AC used to make me feel like I was in on some fantastic ancient secret, even if I accidently pickpocketed countless innocent civilians. Now it feels as if the game’s substance has been replaced, granted the replacement is increasingly more enviable landscapes and options, but Unity still falls short of holding its own in the series."

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