New FIFA 15 Update #3 is Mind-blowing

How does Electronic Arts respond to the release of Konami’s PES 2015? In the only way EA could, a 238MB patch that makes the game even more enjoyable to play and a visual feast. Cast your eyes on our video overview which contains all of the new additions and patch fixes to make FIFA 15 the greatest footballing game ever made.

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SegaGamer1397d ago

Mind this guy for real ? he must be having a laugh.

These updates should have been available when the game was released, not 2 months after it's release.

GamerscoreWhores1396d ago

So EA put the biggest effort into there release than any other year known to man and people aren't happy with them updating the game and making it even better....ok then!

SegaGamer1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Did you not read what i wrote ? i said these things should have been in the game from the beginning, how can i be happy with that ? I don't see how any of this is mindblowing.

philm871397d ago

hahaha he made me laugh how he's getting so excited. Decent update though and an informative video.

1nsomniac1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

This is the same idiot who posted the video of the last update saying again it was a game changer & played like a completely different game - It doesn't at all in any sense what-so-ever. It was a great game when it was released & it still is & plays no different.

Also he constantly brings up PES for absolutely no reason other than his own fear & insecurities.

I've got absolutely no time for people or websites that sole intention is to push agendas. It's bad journalism all round & looses the site any credibility that it some how managed to gather.

"Like this website?" - No.
"Story Quality" - WTF!.

GamerscoreWhores1396d ago

Push agenda? Buy both games every year, excuse me for being enthusiastic about a publisher doing things right for once.

madmonkey011397d ago

so they have made the game what it should have been at launch? but ultimately its just a re-skin of last year anyway.

Linwelin1397d ago

cant tell if he is being sarcastic or not.

GamerscoreWhores1396d ago

A re-skin of last year? Have you actually played the next-gen version? FIFA 14 was awful in comparison.

madmonkey011396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

yes i have played it, it is basically the same EA have not been pushed to make improvements for a while, the just do as little as they can get away with and still sell it. it has the exact same bugs. you can check my trophies if you want you will see i have 14 and 15 on ps4.

there are a few changes but nothing massive.

the vita version is quite literally the same as every other version on that platform, with just the squads updated abit.

GamerscoreWhores1396d ago

That's a shame coming from a rick ross fan. Diced Pineapples

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