Amazon Black Friday Deal Match: Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition - $37.99


"Amazon has matched the Black Friday Doorbuster price (at BestBuy) on the recently released Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One. Grab Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition - Xbox One for $37.99 at Amazon!"

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SockeyBoy1398d ago

Crap I was meant to hit reply but I hit disagree :/ sorry man. But yes SO worth it. Great gameplay and fantastic humor :D

Naga1398d ago

I second this. I think it's worth the full price of admission, so this is a great deal.

lemoncake1398d ago

Yes this game is a lot of fun, even at its full launch price it was worth it so being on sale is a no brainer if you have an x1.

Scatpants1398d ago

Everyone with an X1 should have this game. Probably the most fun game that came out this holiday although I'm having a blast with Far Cry and Dragon age right now.

tekksin1398d ago

drinking game: every time insomniac tries to make a deal out of sunset overdrive.

jahcure1398d ago

day one edition still available? Why isn't anyone buying this game?

ghostface91398d ago

I clicked the link and the cheapest was 49 dollars did they stop price matching it