Expansion For The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth “Will Almost Double” The Game’s Content

Edmund McMillen has revealed his plans for an expansion to his recently released roguelike shooter The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

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krouse931273d ago

You know I played this game the other day for the first time with PS+... I was expecting something that it couldn't deliver apparently because I don't really find anything about it all that remarkable.

Ripsta7th1273d ago

Same here , waste of hardrive and a waste of ps plus month whay a shame

XtraTrstrL1273d ago

I played the hell out of the original on Steam and still didn't see everything in it, then they added a free expansion that I barely touched. I've been playing the hell out of it on PS4 now, and there's tons of stuff constantly unlocking. Not to mention, Rebirth basically doubled the content of the insane expansion they had on the original. So, doubling the content of this now, is gonna be really outrageous.

This is one of the few really worthy free indies on PS+ for PS4 so far. Resogun is another stellar one. Mercenary Kings I was hoping to be the same, but I think it needed more content for it to work well. This game is super addictive though, it never gets old for me. Especially with unlocks constantly happening everytime I play, that adds more bosses and items for the next run each time.

bennissimo1273d ago

Add Transistor to that list. Some of the deepest and most original customization options ever seen in an indie.

XtraTrstrL1273d ago

@bennissimo, I have to get back to playing that. I remember anticipating it, and it was fun - the bit I played. I just stopped for whatever reason.

krouse931273d ago

I mean don't get me wrong, it's got decent mechanics & seemingly loads of content, but the actual setting is a bit odd. It seems too childish to me. I like some elements of it, but the tear balls he shoots and the poop mounds you can walk around & shoot seem like odd design choices. To each his/her own, though.

generic-user-name1273d ago

I was expecting it to be trash but it sucked me in and got me addicted. Surprising title, glad ps+ introduced me to a game I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

I_am_Batman1273d ago

Maybe it's just not for you then. I for one have put over 20 hours into it and it keeps getting better. The sheer amount of unlockable stuff combined with the uncountable possible synergies between the item pick ups keeps me coming back to it almost on a daily basis.

Nice to hear that they keep adding even more content to the game.

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