Go Away Review Scores, Nobody Likes You

Davis from Denkiphile: "If you’ve looked through our recent reviews, you’ll notice something missing: the numeric scoring system. While it has treated us well over the years, it’s given us plenty of dillemnas as well - one that many other sites have likely had to deal with as well. As we bid farewell to it, we believe it’s going to be a change for the better both for our site and gaming journalism as a whole."

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NerdStar71394d ago

Go away Denkiphile, nobody likes you.

TheSaint1394d ago

This is just as much a sweeping statement as the title, goes to show that people shouldn't ever talk for everyone, that's a step too far IMO.

I like scores therefore not everyone hates them.

ashen1221394d ago

you're wrong fanboys love using review scores to argue lol.

SpiralTear1394d ago

Review scores have plenty of convenience for readers looking for a clear-cut verdict in whether a game is good or not. The problem is that everyone uses their own scale and many scales are skewed with only 8/10 and higher being treated as "good."

Too many scales is confusing. If everyone followed the same, easy-to-figure-out scale, review scores probably wouldn't be so bad. Either way, read the text too. A number is still just a number is there isn't a reasoning to back it up.

u4one1394d ago

i say to follow the reviews from the people you tend to trust or agree with. the scores may not all be the same across all sites or publications but at least when you find a like-minded site, the reviews are easier to trust according to your own tastes.

SpiralTear1394d ago

Good call. Trust is a big part of this whole spiel. You're not going to agree with everyone, but at least go to reviews where you know the authors understand the game and review with experience in their subject material.

trenso11394d ago

i think the problem is a lot of site review a game and score it for click bait and give either crazy high or low scores to fuel flames in the fanboy war. Like a hyped up game may see consistently good reviews like 7.5-9.0/10 and it will actually be a good game except for some aspects. Then you have sites giving the game 5 and 6's only dwelling on the negatives. It's too subjective. None of the current gen games should get lower than a 6.5 which means it is an average game. 5 or lower means its very broken or just fails in every aspect of its genre.

But instead sites would rather review in a way to get hits so nothing from reviewers can actually be taken as legit, especially since we know then some sites will take bribes to give games higher or lower scores without reason. The review system is flawed, unless we able to enforce a standard scoring system that is objective for all games, across all gaming media

Godz Kastro1394d ago

I really think best approach is to review without score. Kudos...

OB1Biker1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Totally agree. I thinks scores are useless and subjective. Score is about comparison with other games and many games you just can't compare like for example small indie games getting 10s while big budget great games getting a lower score because of subjective opinion. A good review doesn't need a score, a lot of people don't even bother to read through nowadays. Scores are for fanboys comparing games like 7.8 is crap and 8 is good + many people forget they don't have to agree with a review and reading through could realise things the author dislike they actually like. Getting rid of scores is a step in the right direction but reviews need to be more open minded and help people to figure out if they will like a game instead of just pushing a biased opinion on and on

DefenderOfDoom21394d ago

How does a number score, tell you what the game is about ? Can anybody answer that question ?

u4one1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

well... the number score is just the rating of ones satisfaction with a game. kind of like when you take surveys about the service you receive at a restaurant or maybe a product you bought. the actual review itself tells you how the reviewer came to that score number score. its the part that a lot of people don't actually read.

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