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"Far Cry, the critically acclaimed open world FPS series, comes back to our platforms of choice, this time taking us to the high altitude land of Kyrat nestled at the foot of the Himalayas. Characterisation is the focus again with the villain of Pagan Min stealing the show, and the story of overthrowing his dictatorship taking centre stage. Given that we’ve experienced this type of scenario before, does Far Cry 4 still manage to engage and excite?"

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OutcastMosquito1275d ago

I find a 7/10 little low for this game considering its my favourite title this year.

DeleteThisxx1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Clearly you've developed an objective based argument, let's hear it! "My favorite title this year" doesn't cut it.

I just don't understand... I really don't... When did a 7/10 become a 'bad' score? It just goes to show you that this whole number system that has become the norm in video game journalism is doing more harm than good.

People are reading less, merely scrolling to the bottom of the page to see if the number chosen means the content is worthy of $60.

I honestly can't imagine how many great games people have missed out on solely because someone else decided to add a 6.5 at the bottom of a page.


Failing to see your point. You didn't list one rebuttal that proves any of my claims wrong. Just because something is done for awhile doesn't mean it's right.

StrawberryDiesel4201275d ago

Games have been receiving numerical scores since NES. Almost all forms of media that are critically reviewed follow near identical formats: A write up of the positive and negative followed by a final grade.

TheSaint1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@ProjectSiK: You're reading far too much into it, OutcastMosquito said he finds it a little low, he said nothing about it being a 'bad score' as you put it.

You inferred a lot of nonsense from that opening post. Try to stay factual to the post or topic you are responding to in the future and not just make s*** up.

TheSaint1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@OutcastMosquito: Agreed, I have only played a few hours and it's amazing, it's just one persons opinion though and should be taken as such.

I'd give it 9/10 if not more. Again, this is just one persons opinion though.

optimus1275d ago

I never got around to playing far cry 3. I did play a few of it's predecessors years ago though and i thought these new far crys would be similar to those but better...i don't feel that these are, mainly because i expected a linear fps game like before.
Little did i know i would be presented with an open world sandbox formula with rpg elements. I was hoping there wouldn't be any type of remedial side tasks to do. Help this person here, that person there. Wash, rinse, repeat... I played those games already, they were called assassins creed and grand theft auto...

i was expecting a run and gun type of game (like it used to be) with 1 overall story. Where upgrading weapons consist of finding them or stealing them from your enemies, not wasting time looking for plants and skinning animals to upgrade this and that...
and if most of the things you find are "useless" and only good enough to sell, then why not give me the option to take it or leave it? i have to run around with a loot bag that "is almost full"...gee, thanks.

I don't even want to talk about driving since that is a choir unto itself...this game looks massive and i'm afraid i will grow bored of it before even getting through 30% of it as i did with assassins 3... I give myself until the end of dec before i trade it in. 6/10 so far for me.