Quantic Dream’s David Cage on New PS4 Game: “We’re Working on Something Very Exciting”

It's known that Quantic Dream is working on a PS4 game, but basically nothing is known for sure about it. Yet, Founder and Creative Director David Cage had something to say about it.

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Snookies121392d ago

Will we get to see anything about it at the PS Experience? I sure hope so...

breakpad1392d ago

so much hype from the games in development ..release some of them soon at least

XboxOneX1392d ago

I hope its not as bad the last game he made. If it like Heavy Rain it might be a good game.

Snookies121392d ago

Beyond had a really great story, it was just hindered by some bad design choices. Doesn't make it a bad game.

XboxOneX1392d ago

@Snookies12 I like games based on true stories like HEAVY RAIN. Beyond was an ok story but HEAVY RAIN had one of the best characters I have ever seen in ANY video game.

core_51392d ago

LOL where is the news? No One would say: " We working on the biggest shit".

BABY-JEDI1392d ago

Pretty much my thought. Where is the news? As if a dev is going to say, hi guys here's my news today. I'm working on a seriously bad game. Hope you will buy it. Thanks.

Yaay4me1392d ago

Why? You guys think we need more articles about which console is better? And more console reviews by paid off/biased journalists?

Spotie1392d ago

Those are obviously the only two choices...

Kumomeme1391d ago

atleast there are 'news' that gonna keep us waiting for another 'news'

user38319101392d ago

Developers, developers, developers, delveopers, developers

user38319101392d ago

I noticed that I spelled it wrong but did not feel like changing it. Mobile phone is more annoying to use than a physical keyboard

user38319101390d ago

I noticed that I spelled it wrong sorry

GokuSolosAll1392d ago

Love these games. My only hopes are that they fix the clunkiness, stick to traditional controls, and get this sucker out in a timely fashion.

GokuSolosAll1392d ago

Ph yeah, and a "watch" option would be nice, like Dragon's Lair had.

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The story is too old to be commented.