Samus amiibo manages to open Moscow Metro ticket gate

amiibos aren’t just for games. They hold some extra abilities as well. Take the Samus amiibo, for instance, which apparently opens the Moscow Metro ticket gate.

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mushroomwig1396d ago

In the video they basically keep trying, system reacts to amiibo in some way, but gates remain closed. You can hear them saying "Nope, it doesn't work"

Dasteru1396d ago

They are speaking in russian the entire time. It sounds kinda like "No, not working" but it isn't. The light on the panel is turning green and you can hear the rotating gate unlocking each time.

mushroomwig1396d ago

Sorry, yeah I meant the translation comes out to "Nope, it doesn't work"

Chrischi19881396d ago

Well, you only nerd the right Data on the NFC chip, this would work with any NFC chip, not only from Amiibos.