Is Lego about creative freedom or kit-building?

The BBC ran a story yesterday, asking if Lego is becoming less about freedom and creativity and more about following instructions and constructing single-use kits.

It's an interesting notion, now that we are entering an era when digital creativity tools like Minecraft and Disney Infinity 2.0 are taking up more of kids' time and attention. The article makes the point that Lego is spending a lot of effort creating licensed products and pieces that are really only fit to be used in a single model.

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hazelamy1299d ago


if you like the models the instructions show you how to build, you can build those.
if you want to create something of your own, you're free to do that.

personally, i suck at creating my own models, and i enjoy building models from the instructions, so, that's what i do.

it amazes me what some, way more talented than me, people can build.