E3 2015 Opens Registrations; Booths for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Exhibitor List Revealed

It’s just Thanksgiving, but looks like it’s already time to talk E3. Registrations are now open for attendees and the first exhibitor list has been disclosed, including the booths for each company.

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AngelicIceDiamond1329d ago

E3 talk this early? Lol I guess.

mushroomwig1329d ago

Not surprising, E3 takes a lot of origination!

Godz Kastro1329d ago

So it begins... (Gandolf voice)

KaladinStormblessed1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

*Théodin voice

Eejanaika1328d ago

Not surprised since conventions on a large scale like these take months to plan for.

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NovusTerminus1329d ago

Nintendo has not missed an E3, they just don't do press conferences.

Their games are still playable on the show floor.

SteamPowered1329d ago

Gotcha. They were pretty reserved from last year from what I remember so I figured they would just keep doing Nintendo Directs.

robparko1329d ago

Yeah, they had a pretty big presence actually. They live streamed a lot of content throughout the event. I can see how it was easily missed due to everyone claiming Nintendo wouldn't be at E3.

Az1mov1329d ago

The gaming industry's doing pretty fine then?

SteamPowered1329d ago

Better than Hollywood and Obamacare put together. ;)

animegamingnerd1329d ago

with Nintendo having a stage this either means they are having a conference this year or they will be doing another Smash Bros tournament.

Relientk771329d ago

Why does E3 have to be so far away :-/

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