Amazon Playstation 4 Black Friday Bundles Now Live

Techtorial: Amazon's Playstation 4 Black Friday Bundles are now live for ordering.

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joshw20111397d ago

Just picked one up! Along with inFAMOUS Second Son for $20. Excited!

Best Buy is also available now as well.

user38319101397d ago

What is awesome is that we dont need to camp out in the cold for this deal

Randostar1397d ago

Man, your gonna have soooo much fun with all those. TLOU and GTAV are my favorite PS4 games.

BattleTorn1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

This doesn't touch the $329 Xbox One Lightening Deal / flash sale.

It was limited time earlier today, $329 for the console, 4 free games, and 1 year of Xbox Live.

That's practically a free console!

jukins1397d ago

4 crap games lol. the only saving grace for that deal was the 1 year of live. Broken AC:unity. the year old AC blackflag zoo tycoon (lol) and Max: curse of brotherhood. I think more ppl would be interested in a ps4 and TLOU AND GTAV.

BattleTorn1397d ago

I was under the impression that it would be 4 free game "of your choice." (mulitplats)

Meaning 4 x $60, + 12mths Live = ~$300.

brotherlymoses1397d ago

So let's play old games that we already played last year?

SoapShoes1397d ago

The GTA bundle already shot to the top of GameStops best seller list.

BattleTorn1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Yes, and the special bundle I'm referring to was only available for 30 minutes.

I'm not out to make this a console war.(re:disagrees)

I'm just stating earlier on Amazon there was a flash deal that had more savings.

CerealKiller1397d ago

I ordered mine, now I can put the boxing gloves away since I'm not going out tonight!

EazyC1397d ago

Sweet, got PS4 + LBP 3 + TLoU (digital copy) for £299, what a steal!