Dark Souls II on PS4/Xbox One: Resolution Increase and Differences With Old-Gen Detailed by Director

The current generation debut of Dark Souls II has just been announced with Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, which will come for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 7th, and Game Director Yui Tanimura gave more details on the differences between the version on the new consoles and the old-gen one.

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Anon19741326d ago

I was tempted this week with the PSN co-op sale to pick this up for my PS3 for $27 but now I think I'll hold out and wait until it hits the PS4.

s8anicslayer1326d ago

You can buy it at best buy for $14.99

YoungKingDoran1326d ago

Yeah I am a little sad... I recently cracked open my collectors edition because I couldn't be bothered buying a normal edition and then I hear about this.
The figuring looks cool on the bookshelf though

Asuka1326d ago

I've already played this game to death but it would be nice to have it on ps4. I hope they keep it lock at 30fps and not try to render it in 60fps because the engine they used for the original versions/pc version made the game unnecessarily harder. For example, your weapons would degrade 2x faster because of the way the engine rendered the game's fatigue system with the fps counter. Also hitboxes were all over the place because of the 60 fps. If they can sort out these issues for the remaster then that'll be kool. otherwise, 30fps is where it should be imo.

honestly though i have 200hrs on the pc version and wasn't even aware of how much the 60fps hurt the game. its definitely a challenge and for anyway who doesn't mind probably won't care if you weapons degrade a little faster. My greatsword would be down to 75% after a few swings and i thought it made sense for balancing. I guess all im trying to say is for anyone who isn't aware of the fps problems on higher end hardware should take note that the game definitely behaves differently compared to the ps3/xb360 versions.

metalgod881326d ago

See, the reason these issues occurred is because the modders couldn't change the engine itself. The developers obviously have the ability to modify and change things, possibly even upgrade the engine.

I don't think these are issues we should need to worry about if the fps was increased to 60 fps.

Mizikiel1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

If it isn't 60fps 1080p I am not intrested since I already played it and even if it was I am going to be busy with bloodborn. They should rather bring Dark souls 1 or Demon souls to the current gen. They picket the worst one sigh...

Gamer7771326d ago

Bloodborne is not 60 fps , so I guess your not interested in it either.

Mizikiel1326d ago

No it's just that I won't be buying a game that I have already beaten many times, isn't even that good compared to other souls games. It's just 1080p instead of 720p and some little changes.

NuggetsOfGod1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I want bloodbourne just hate the hardware. DS2 is great at 60fps btw..

Another game I would hate to see at 30fps is No Mans Sky.

All that beautyful animation on screen has to be at 60fps.

Also planetside. Man potatostation is runnining out of gas to early.

They say exclusives take adavatge of hardware but I still have to play at 30fps? There no advantage to making it exclusive to weak hardware. Actually exclusives should die(console and pc exclusives) so I can play the last of us 1440p 60fps instead of horid 1080p like it's 2009 again. The last of would still goty anyway. I will buy this for ps4 cuz I have no choice.(what consoles are all about)
@rghh. I love console games but hate console hardware.

End of rant

Good should be cool.

SilentSolid1326d ago

Buy the PC version then. 4k 60fps is de shit ;)

itisallaboutps1326d ago

Nah guys i got dark souls 2 on pc after i sold my ps3. The graphics will be almost exactly the same with 60fps. This was on max settings

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The story is too old to be commented.