Second batch of Xbox Black Friday Deals with Gold detailed

Major Nelson writes "As mentioned earlier in the week, here are the second batch of Black Friday 2014 deals, which kick in tomorrow. Discounts are valid 28 November through 1 December 2014. These discounts are in addition to the week-long deals which also continue through Monday. Find that list here."

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Chris121150d ago

Some superb deals, Mordor is a no brainer for me personally.

Immorals1150d ago

Just bought a physical copy off Amazon for less. Now hurry up and arrive!

DeadManMMX1149d ago

Ditto that and Metro woooo 25.00.

1149d ago

Downloading Mordor RIGHT NOW!!

MultiConsoleGamer1149d ago

I can't do all this spending before the holidays.

objdadon1149d ago

Sunset overdrive or bust

ghostface91149d ago

it will be 40 tomorrow on the microsoft store