Nintendo files patent for Game Boy emulation on various devices including phones and PC

Back in late June, Nintendo filed a patent in the US for “Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation”. The application was just made public today.

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NerdStar71398d ago

Nintendoes PC games now.

Neixus1398d ago

Well, we already have emulators for almost all of the old systems, so yeah..

Currently playing Zelda: Ocarina of time on my Note 3, It's a blast!

Snookies121398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

How do you know he's a pirate? He could very well own the game. I don't see anything wrong with downloading and emulating a game you own.

Neixus1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

I also have PCSX2, which is a PS2 emulator that requires you to actually own the ps2 game itself.

Please don't jump to assumptions that fast if you actually want to have good friends in real life :)

For the record, I've bought Zelda:OoT like 3 times. Two times on the N64, and one for my 3DS.

ArtificiallyYours1398d ago

Nobody likes an internet warrior either.

KillerResistance1398d ago

What about a boy that wants to wear a pirate costume for halloween? that boy obvi likes pirates. DUH!! use your head you nerd

ChickeyCantor1398d ago

" which is a PS2 emulator that requires you to actually own the ps2 game itself. "

No you don't...don't play dumb Neixus. lol

mydyingparadiselost1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Seriously? "Piracy" is amazing when it comes to old games, especially hard to find or exceptionally rare. He's playing the N64 version, is not like going and buying a N64 cartridge is going to put money in the devs pockets.

Kumomeme1397d ago

an emulator not neccesary mean piracy, kids

Kumomeme1397d ago

an emulator not neccesary mean piracy, kiddo

frezhblunts1397d ago

lol snookie the emulator itself is probably illegal doesnt matter if you own the game lol it is not meant to be on apple products

kreate1397d ago


Piracy is ok as long as ur not pirating video games.

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snake-OO1398d ago

Actually PCSX2 does not require you to own the game.

KillerResistance1398d ago

u CAN use real CD's though if you dont want to spend time downloading the ISO's

Neixus1397d ago

Really? Didn't know that.

AJBACK2FRAG1398d ago

If you don't own a copy of that game your stealing from my heroes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1397d ago

What you should have done was gotten the 3DS version.
So long as Nintendo has at least one up-to-date form of the game, you shouldn't be pirating it.

frezhblunts1397d ago

Now that they have a patent they can sue people using emulations they have filed. It will most likely get at those emulators online so i bet it is best you get them now before they are not free. I don't use emulation because I prefer to play the old schools on my wii u gamepad

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lemoncake1398d ago

Guess their lawyers will be busy sending letters to all the emulator sites and authors, shame because without those original emulators retro gaming probably wouldn't even be a thing now.

hkgamer1397d ago

I think emulation has played a big part in retro game collection scene.

I still remember playing 80% translated pokemon silver using emulator. Shamefully it was a complete lie and only first 2 hours was translated.

I only played on my Xbox because that became my emulation machine.

1397d ago
shaw981398d ago

This has nothing to do with releasing Game Boy games on other platforms. It's about getting the legal high ground so Nintendo can wipe out any and all emulators, especially those that appear on app stores.

Dasteru1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

It will not work. Emulation is protected in the US, as has been ruled several times in the supreme court. Also the instant Nintendo tries using the patent to sue someone, the patent will be thrown out by the courts under prior use regulations. (You cannot patent something that someone else has already put into public use) This patent also specifies "low powered devices" so it would be voided anyway unless the app specifically implies being intended for low powered devices. It also mentions airplanes and back seats as intended use, which implies intent to actually do something with the patent, rather than as grounds for removing 3rd party emulation.

frezhblunts1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

umm no Das i do not know where you got that from..... A patent is a patent. I don't understand just because you have the game on your n64 doesnt mean you have it on your ipad or phone. You can buy the game 10 times on older system doesn't mean you have it for the newer even if you have a robust collection. Play it on the old school system you brought it for then. Geez no good reasons to using one companies products on another, just sounds like babies. Awww now I got to buy the same game again on a new console like last of us that was on ps3 buy it again on ps4! Or megaman collection on psn. Go Nintendo make your money, they should be able to sell emulators for you can play their games anywhere. I see why ppl do it but doesn't mean it is right

Dasteru1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


No, a patent is not a patent. I got it from reality.

Software backups are also legally protected. As long as it is a backup of my own copy and not a download, i have the right to play it on an emulator. This has been ruled in both the US and Canadian supreme courts multiple times.

1397d ago
SilentNegotiator1398d ago

Nintendo can go to hell if they use this to sue creators of emulators.

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