Far Cry 4 - Rare Animals Locations Guide and Details

Get all the latest updates, news, info, secrets and cheats of Far Cry from us. The following guide contains all the info about rare animals locations. Go out for some hunting and upgrade your ammunition, money, or plunder convey ability as far as possible with each rare animal location in Far Cry 4. Have a look below.

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viccrack1329d ago

thanx for this, i was looking for this guide on internet glad ive found it in here

Tzuno1329d ago

i finished the game with normal wallet , god damn monkeys i did manage to kill 2 and needed a 3rd for wallet upgrade, later i found 2 that i killed on a very bugged spot and i could not skin them, ahahahhh.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231329d ago

Them monkeys are everywhere i can't get enough of them.

GusBricker1329d ago

All hail the honey badger from hell!

hkgamer1328d ago

Anyone remember gaming when we didn't look at guides and had to discover locations ourselves?

Well. Not complaining since its free but i was just reminiscing the good old days