The Top 5 VGA Announcements

Paul James writes "The VGA’s are no longer, they’ve been quietly sent to rest and in its place are ‘The Game Awards’. Put together by the same team, The Game Awards is by design supposed to be showing more respect to the industry it celebrates, as well as delivering the many great revelations and surprises that has gamers worldwide tuning in live to see. Though there have been some poor awards shows in the past, there have always been a number of massive announcements and while the 2014 awards are likely to drop a few more megaton bombs, now we look back on the biggest announcements we’ve seen from gaming’s biggest night – These are the top five announcements from the VGA’s"

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Relientk771333d ago

I remember watching the 2011 VGA's and seeing The Last of Us trailer for the first time.

Omg it was absolutely epic

NerdStar71333d ago

That's because Naughty God's never fail to impress with their work.

OpieWinston1333d ago

I'm really pumped for Metal Gear Online.

But hoping we get another big announcement to go along with it.

I will always remember that Skyrim announcement and just drooling for months until we got to see gameplay at E3.

EazyC1333d ago

Come on Fallout 4 dammit!