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"Dragon Age: Inquisition, in more than one sense, is a game of good and evil. There are many evils found in the game BioWare has produced, and it’s only through the brilliance of the good found within that it succeeds as well as it does. Here there be dragons, and questionable design choices.

Never before has the opening of a game so poorly represented the quality of the adventure to follow. It plays like a chimeric hodgepodge of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dragon Age II, and any decade-old MMO."

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Maxor1396d ago

This is a legit criticism. Dragon Age: Inquisition simply favors a gamepad control scheme. Keyboard controls are decent but lacking in features as you can't even map controls to the mouse which is a glaring omission. On the bright side PC version looks astoundingly good. At first I thought it would be close but after playing on both the PC and PS4 it's pretty clear that all the lighting and texture details are on the PC.

Xristo1396d ago

Totally agree about the PC controls. Fortunately, although I prefer to play games with a kb/m, I have no problem playing games with my X1/PS4 controller. DAI is actually really good with a controller. Loving this game with my Qunari Mage!

anticlimax1396d ago

A controller doesn't really suit a tactical playstyle for me. But than again, neither does the limited zoom out, camera getting stuck against ceilings and walls, limited ai prompts, and simplification of abilities.

There were for example 68 basic (no specialization) mage skills in Origins, 76 in awakening.

versus 50 in Inquisition. Luckily better than the 32 in DA2.

It's a great game, but probaby won't replay it right after I finish it (like Origins).