7 Features The PS4 Needs To Steal From The Xbox One

In Part 1 of this article series, Pennyworth Reviews takes a look at what features they think Sony needs to steal from Microsoft to make the PS4 even better.

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Deeke1272d ago

100% agreed, especially now that Sony is going to invest more heavily in the PlayStation brand. But they're doing it all wrong; the answer isn't in redundant content we already have, like PlayStation Vue, but in new innovative things that push forward.

The Xbox One doesn't try too hard to deliver what it has. It's catching up to the PlayStation 4, whereas the PS4 is actually starting to become more like a consolidated Xbox One--an Xbox One that's hidden behind subscription fees and paywalls ie via the planned PS Vue.

UnderpaidTurtle1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Are you implying that Sony wasn't previously invested in the Playstation brand?

SoapShoes1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

WTH? Theres so much wrong with your post, I don't even....

On topic the one feature I'd like is external HDD support. That's all I really care about.

NuggetsOfGod1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

From Xbox 1 to Xbox One xbl has been pretty stable what feels like 98% of the time.

If sony could steal that feature then color me impressed!!

I'll check back in 3 gens to see if they did it.

Also playstation now is such a rip off.

Bring Ea access to psn!

geddesmond1272d ago

Controller battery is the only thing I see wrong. The pause and resume feature is coming to PS4 but its not something I'll ever use because I try save on electricity bills and only leave my PS4 in rest mode when I'm downloading a game thats 40 plus GBs.

Pogmathoin1272d ago

Sony need to quit that greatness awaits thing with what Xbox One has, greatness is here.

SonyAddict1272d ago

Did you check ign's xbox one review? It seams they think the ps4 is the better console...just curious!.

VforVideogames1272d ago

I whish all voice commands work like "xbox-record-that" it just works all the time, but for everything else its like 80-90% of the time like 'xbox-on' it works most of the time but when you want to showoff it just doesn't.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1272d ago

''7 Features The Bone Needs To Steal From The PS4''..;)

2.RECHARGEABLE CONTROLLER (it's 2014 almost 2015) still using AA's..really? wtf?
3.NEW DESIGN (drop the microwave look)
5.NO POWER BRICK (self explanatory)

Bathyj1272d ago

1 feature you need to steal from me.

1. No caps.

ShowanW1272d ago

1. Share Play... Maybe

2. Those AA batteries last forever. Like 30-40hrs. I can't make it through 5hrs on DS4

3. I like the Bulky look. Love the Look of the PS4 as well

4. External, I bring my digital games to my brother house, log in on his One and then let my brother and nephews try out games they otherwise wouldn't bother with

5.power brick behind tv stand, so I never see it anyways. Out of site out of mind

6.speaker on controller nice feature, but nothing to go nuts about

7. Naughty Dog is a developer not a feature.

DeadManMMX1272d ago

2. Dumbest argument ever. That battery has the worst life and you have to wait for it to recharge or hook up that flimsy mini USB. When my rechargeable batteries die in my Xbox one controller. I must change them out with two of my already charged aa batteries and continue playing. If I wanted rechargeable batterie packs in my controller if buy a charge and play kit. It's called options isn't that what everyone was saying they wanted.

jrshankill1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

1. Shareplay
Pointless and underused. Whoever owns a PS4 and say they use this daily is kidding themselves.

2. Rechargeable Controller
Chargeable battery available to purchase. Can also plug a usb cable into the controller if you don't have a battery pack. Pointless. Besides, the battery life of the dualshock is an absolute joke.

3. New Design
Extremely likely to be coming soon. Anyway, PS4 looks like an eraser. Pot, kettle, black.

4. Replaceable HDD
Supports external HDD. No need to open up the console and ruin the warranty. Stupid request.

5. Power Brick
Who really cares? Also, can be implemented in a resigned console in the future. Not a deal breaker.

6. Speaker Controller
Kinect. Also, who really wants to shout and talk to their controller? Pointless

7. Naughty Dog
LOL. There are other games than TLOU and Uncharted. Rare will do nicely.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

PlayStation Vue is not hidden behind a paywall. It will offer subscription television service like cable companies already do at a reduced price. If you're paying $110 per month for HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and basic cable channels with companies like AT&T U Verse, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast and PlayStation Vue offered a similar subscription package for $75 per month, most people would cancel their cable TV and sign up for PlayStation Vue. There are no hidden fees since PlayStation Vue will be available on the PS4 console and PlayStation TV.

As for adding features like rumble triggers and pinning apps, the PS4 XMB is simple to use and easy to navigate. It's clean and clutter free with apps separated by category. Rumble triggers? Not interested. Bandwidth usage? For what? Recording? The PS4 is already capable of that, it's called "THE SHARE BUTTON." Here's a feature that the Xbox One needs to steal from the PS4:

How long does it take to start playing games like Dragon Age, Shadow Of Mordor, COD Advanced Warfare, and Far Cry 4? I'm sure it took longer than 10 minutes or more to get these games ready to play on the Xbox One. These same games will be ready to play in less than 2 minutes on the PlayStation 4 thanks to the PS4's PlayGO function. I'm sure all of you Xbox One owners truly enjoy staring at your TV screens, growing beards while you wait for that game you just bought to be ready to play.

ScorpiusX1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

As for these features they need to create their own thing , not copy something but rename it.

Big difference that Comcast , Time Warner, AT-t U verse have been at it for sometime and know what they are doing and have established
Themselves in this field, so people are going to stay with what they know . I know I am

Svinya1272d ago

Wait, so ps4 people WANT to watch tv on their consoles now? Oh, I get it. Sony does it, so it's ok.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

If PlayStation Vue offers the same channels as my pay tv service does, and it's 30 to 50 dollars cheaper, you're damn right i'll be all over it!

WeAreLegion1272d ago

No. Sony is offering a better plan than actual cable companies. That's the appeal.

I_am_Batman1272d ago

Huh? Why wouldn't it be ok to have the option to watch TV on your console?

KarmaV121272d ago

While we wait for games to install we play exclusives that you don't have. That's all.

Lawboy21272d ago

Wait don't you have to have the Internet to have playstation vue....don't you need a decent internet speed to stream content so u can't just go with any old internet....I wonder how much that would cost you alone and not in a get pretty good internet here in Georgia by itself without cable/phone you're looking atleast $60 (from cox atleast) just for wait ur saying paying $75 for a tv service plus the guaranteed $60 u will need to pay for the Internet service ($135) is better than getting a deal on Internet/phone/cable for $99 or $130 after the deal is over...I don't think so

NuggetsOfGod1272d ago

Giving free hugs to naked women only is a bit biased isn't it?

Lol jk

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jriquelme_paraguay1272d ago

the only thing i want, but from my ps4 to may one is the hability of take screenshots

sweendog1272d ago

Not sure what you're saying as its in broken English. But if you want to take screenshots press the share button. Simples

jriquelme_paraguay1272d ago

I have both consoles, Xbox One and PS4. I want the Screenshot feature from the PS4, but on my Xbox One, that's what i tried to say.. Lol (autocorrect and poor English)

AngelicIceDiamond1272d ago

PS4 could use some of these features.

Considering some of these are basic features on X1 and aren't really groundbreaking exclusive features.

BabyObama1272d ago

I wound like to be able to record 30 sec game clips and tweet them out like I can on X1
I hate having to go edit a vid and then upload it to YouTube first

BabyObama1272d ago

And yes the battery life sucks hard with the ds4
I charge my X1 controller like once every weeks
I feel like I get only 6 hours of play time out of my ds4 before I have to charge it again

98xpresent1272d ago

The multitasking feature is really useful

Dramacydal1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

1. Frozen Game States While in Rest Mode - In development for PS4, announced in 2013

2. A Bandwidth Usage/Stats Page - I guess? Personally, I don't have capped Internet or limits so that's an area I just don't care about. No doubt those that are capped would find this data useful.

3. Controller Battery Life - Another non-isse for me. Bumped the light bar to "Dim". I'm good. Don't have issue with either my XOne or PS4 controller battery life.

4. Pinning Apps - Not needed with the PS4 UI. Add a PS Cam and just say what you want. With better performance than Kinect.

5. An Invite system that doesn’t require loading bars - Never encountered anything remotely similar to what's described.

6. Easily (and only) recording that awesome thing that just happened - Isn't always recording easy? I dunno maybe I'm alone, but I like NOT having to say anything to ensure I captured gameplay. And the 80 step edit/upload process on XOne doesn't help.

7. Rumble Triggers - Matters as much as the "Light Bar" on the DS4

EDIT: Yeah, I'm saying the PS Cam understands voice better than Kinect. I don't have to say "PlayStation Netflix" 3 times

Uploading is actually:
1. Pick Upload or Upload Studio
2. Add clip/s
3. Add Skin
4. Add or don't add voice over
5. Trim
6. Save and Render
7. Save to OneDrive
8. Share clip - Opening Upload
9. Locate share service in Upload
10. Customize
11. Share clip

One PS4?
1. Press share button
2. Choose Image or Video
3. Choose FB, Twitter or YouTube
4. Done

KarmaV121272d ago

You're saying the PS Camera is better than Kinect??!! Oh my what is wrong with the Internet.
80 step upload process consists of:
1. Picking a clip
2. Trimming a clip
3. Add an awesome after effect feature to make it look cool
4. Uploading the clip
5. Save to OneDrive
6. Tweet out to your friends.

DragoonsScaleLegends1272d ago

Only thing wrong with PS4 is the random PSN issues. Sometimes messages work and other times it takes minutes for them to load/send/delete. Random slow downs with PSN is my only issues and it's not my internet. Also the more features the better.

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