Ubisoft Dominates Canadian Videogame Awards... Again

Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'If you haven’t already noticed, Canada gets games. It’s the third largest producer of video games in the world after the U.S. and Japan, and is by far the strongest performer per capita. Studios flourish across the country from the bustling bricked headquarters of Ubisoft in Montreal to the quiet creative retreat of Hinterland Studios on Vancouver Island. In between, on Canada’s vast prairies, BioWare are still killing it in Edmonton and a thriving indie gaming community has been steadily growing in Winnipeg.'

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WeAreLegion1275d ago

As is tradition.

What a wonderful day for Canada. And, therefore, the world.

LamerTamer1275d ago

What did Ubi get the reward for? Releasing the most broken, buggiest, unfinished, lousiest performing games this year?

dcj05241275d ago

Nah, probably for how awesome Far Cry 4 is?

Vendredi1275d ago

Far cry 4 would be fair, but they won game of the year with Watchdogs... I could agree with you that Far cry 4 is a pretty good game, but Watch Dogs? Game of the year?
But actually, it wasn't Watch Dogs that gave Ubisoft a high number of awards, it was Child of Light, which earned 5 out of the 17 possible awards (for the 2014 category).

iplay1up21275d ago

Watchdogs, best console game????? Not that it was awful, but the best??????