BioWare wants your Dragon Age: Inquisition saves to help squash silent bug

As many gamers already know, BioWare's latest entry into the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was recently released to critical acclaim.

However, many players of the semi-open-world role-playing game have noticed something a bit odd during their forays into Ferelden or Orlais. It seems as though an obscure bug within Dragon Age: Inquisition's code is causing party companions to remain silent, rather than engaging in the beloved banter many gamers have come to expect from BioWare games.

According to various discussions on both Dragon Age: Inquisition's and EA's forums, BioWare is having quite a difficult time trying to find the aforementioned unknown glitch in the game's code, however that isn't keeping the development team from doing their best to discover its source.

In order to help expedite the process of finding the bug causing party members to remain silent, Allan Schumacher, a quality assurance analyst at BioWare, is asking gamers who have played Dragon Age: Inquisition for over 60 hours to share both their save files and their general experience with the game. Naturally, the more people participate in BioWare's hunt for the bug's cause, the more quickly the problem will be solved.

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rextraordinaire1393d ago

I can't beliebe they're focusing on that before the crashes and locked leveling bugs...

LamerTamer1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

This generation is terrible with games being rushed out buggy, broken, and incomplete. Anyone without their console constantly connected to the internet will be SOL.

Now we are paying money to become their beta testers.

Xavior_Reigns1393d ago

Game overall is one of the better ones released this year, total surprise since EA... Anyways there are some issues: intersecting geometry (armors, weapons, hair), all sounds going mute suddenly, slowdowns during cutscenes, character interactions losing dialogue wheel and remaining almost frozen. Those are some of the big ones I've encountered.