Halo: The Master Cheif Collection Review: One Remaster To Rule Them All | IRB Gamer

IRB Gamer: "You will not find a better collection that is as filled to the brim with literally years worth of content than The Master Chief Collection and you can experience it however you want. Halo: The Master Chief Collection puts all other “re-mastered” or “definitive” editions to shame."

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Foehammer1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Good score

Awesome value....4 of the greatest fps campaigns



You might want to note the update that released today, the MP is not perfect but it is easily playable for the vast majority, time to find something else to troll about.

Halo2ODST21396d ago

The multiplayer is unplayble for lots of people, & that some how means it's near perfection ? Thats a joke. Also 3 of the greatesst fps campaigns, which are actually avalible for a cheaper price & actually work!

MCTJim1396d ago

I've been enjoying this game more than any game on either current gen console

Halo2ODST21396d ago

Well many others still can't play it!