Microsoft to announce new Xbox One dashboard at January event?

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft will be holding a large-scale event in January, 2015 to showcase Windows 10 features and perhaps release a Consumer Preview version of its upcoming OS.

Another interesting bit of information circling around is that the Redmond-based software company may also release details of a brand new Xbox One Dashboard at the same event, perhaps to make the Xbox One experience more in-line with Windows 10 and to be able to run Universal apps on the console.

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AngelicIceDiamond1272d ago

Brand new Windows 10 X1 interface would be a nice.

More features and more possibilities.

Foehammer1272d ago

Continuous improvement

Got to love it

christocolus1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

i bet we'll get a full blown demo of DX12 too.

Naga1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'm always a fan of new things, but I'm still pretty happy with what we've got right now.

XBLSkull1271d ago

Several more million units that could run windows apps would certainly rope in more developers into releasing apps for windows, which would be great since most games don't release companion apps in the windows app store (except R* cause they rule). Can't believe games like battlefield that run on windows couldn't get a commander or companion app on windows 8.

Svinya1272d ago

A version of Win 10 and universal apps on the X1 would be really cool.

no_more_heroes1272d ago

I hope they still intend on implementing development on retail units. That's something I'm VERY interested in.

jackanderson19851272d ago

think they killed that plan months ago

ImAPotato1272d ago

Nope, Microsoft said they are still in the works of making every Xbox one a DEV kit

k3rn3ll1272d ago

That changed once they dropped always online lat year. They say they are still working on it but it's hard to do without some sort of persistent DRM to prevent the exchange of piraTed copies. Dev kits make it really easy for pirates as when different builds are passed around on this their isn't any DRM at the time.

Svinya1272d ago

Thank the people that revolted against always online.

rainslacker1272d ago

I doubt a dev kit version would allow for pirated copies of retail games to be played. If MS couldn't work around that form of back-door then I'd question the people who claim "MS is a software company".

A home dev kit was never going to be a full fledged dev kit, it was going to be more in line with what they did with the XNA program, but probably beefier run on less of the XNA framework and more on the actual low level code available to regular devs.

Anyhow, last time they talked about it, they said they were still working on it. If thy decide not to do it because of no persistent online, people should complain about it, because it's a BS excuse.

Pogmathoin1272d ago

Always online? Tell me what is not ever online now, at least a check in.... Stupid people stopped many good things....

KiwiViper851272d ago

Agree with above.

My Xbox turns into a hunk of junk whenever I'm offline. It turns into a games only device, who the fuck wants that?

donthate1272d ago


When a flaw in a video gamer or heck even in a memory card can enable pirated games, I think you get the idea that a SDK is opening up your system quite a bit.

Anyhow, they could always do a severely reduced SDK like XNA, but then they would be going down that route again.

Anyhow, the original online DRM would have been great! When that was killed, so did they kill a lot of awesome feaures!

rainslacker1271d ago


The flaws you speak of are an exploit which trick the system into running a pirated game.

XNA wasn't an SDK, it was a framework, not unlike Java, that ran on .NET. It didn't have any direct access to the hardware itself, and had a pretty heavy layer of abstraction. That's why XNA couldn't be used to run pirated software, because it just didn't have access to the same things that an actual dev kit did.

Anyhow, MS doesn't have to allow access to whatever is used to verify that a disc/download as official. That's probably part of the hyper-visor and is likely well protected and heavily encrypted. When a programmer builds the game to play, the development software could put that in with some sort of verification into the program code. It's also likely that a dev kit would require a connection anyway to verify that it's official. That's how Sony handled the Vita with PSMobile. My guess would be that a person could only play/test code that the user builds themselves, with possibly a distributable for sharing it with others, and likely some way to sell the games. Anything more would be from official developers, and they have other routes to take, which would make their X1 into something more official.

All I'm saying is that the chances that a dev kit SDK would allow access to pirating without DRM is just misinformed since there are ways to handle DRM for it. Not even official dev kits can run pirated software anymore, and they are heavily DRM'd.

That DRM doesn't have to interfere with playing regular games though, so in reality, you haven't really lost anything. The only feature that might have been good was the family share plan, but given how many publishers aren't jumping on board for PS Share Play, I imagine MS would have had a much harder time making it anything like what they were saying it would be because MS claims were much better than Share Play.

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mhunterjr1272d ago

Universal Apps would be a welcome addition.

jguzmanr811271d ago

Agreed it could open up a whole lot of new opportunities for developers

NerdStar71272d ago

Make it compatible with Windows 10 stuff please, then when of I get one I can use some of my apps from PC.

aviator1891272d ago

newly styled dashboards have done good things for the x360 in the past, so I wouldn't doubt it.

Svinya1272d ago

I kind of miss the old blade style layout of the 360. It seemed more slick than the way it is now.

aviator1891272d ago

but it was terrible with managing and accessing content.

iNFAMOUZ11271d ago

it wasn't terrible at accessing content, you just dont like it, it was the most simple dash and best that we had, wish they'd go back to that too, information was easy to find

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