Steam Sale Day 2 Roundup

Its here again! Prepare your wallets, its a good ‘un!

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3-4-51395d ago

I need to go get a Steam Card.

* Had $3.00 left, so I bought Sonic CD. Had never played it before, but omg this game is really fun so far.

* It's like a weird mix of Sonic 1 & Sonic 2, and the music is different, but still good.

ninjahunter1395d ago

*Logs onto steam*
"Over 5000 games on sale!"
*Logs off steam*

Im not ready to be poor again.

SilentSolid1395d ago

I just bought Crysis Collection and Age of Empire 2 HD ;)

noxeven1395d ago

This just the black Friday sale this isn't the true winter sale. Were the collect able badge cards and background. were the competition. Just gotta wait.

traumadisaster1395d ago

How the Frick do I evaluate 5 million games? I need a largest discount filter...

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