Xbox 360 Dev Kit at Kojima Productions?

Something strange was spotted on the Bonus DVD of the MGS4 Special edition.


Well after a lot of closer inspection of the photo it seems like this was indeed not a dev kit. Also, this was in a Kojima Productions owned part of the Konami offices so it still raises some suspicions.

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blackboyunltd3795d ago

damn i knew this was going to happen, thanks for the heads up

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UrbanJabroni3795d ago

Actually, there are revisions of both the "dev" and "Debug" kit that are virtually indistinguishable from the retail kits.

I assume you are referring to the old gray dev kits, which we haven't received in a year +

aceitman3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

did everyone forget that they make other games and they do make some on the 360 ,wii, psp , ds . so stop blowing it all out . check his site out ( pes ) hellboy (deca wii for example .

morganfell3795d ago

We have neither black nor white dev kits. That is actually a PS3 sitting next to a regular 360.

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xhairs93795d ago

It's probably just Microsoft's attempt at getting Kojima to make MGS4 a multiplat. Little did they know Kojima isn't a sell-out. Ko-JI-MA! KO-JI-MA!

callahan093795d ago

Looks like a regular 360 to me. For playing games on.

Ryan Payton has said numerous times through his various KojiPro Podcasts that the team enjoys playing Halo 3 or Gears of War sometimes on their 360's at the office and at home.

Doesn't mean they have dev kits or that they're developing for the 360, or if they are, that it's MGS4 that they're working on.

SCThor3795d ago

They would have to make A LOT OF CHANGES to the game to be Xbox "friendly", like: *SPOILER ALERT*

-using a Zune instead of an Ipod
-using a Windows PC instead of a Mac
-using a "Non-existent" MS handheld to control the MK-II
-Removing the part:"Snake insert disk 2...oh! is a PS3..", etc etc
-Add posters of Xbox games instead of PS titles
-etc etc etc

and don't forget....make space for a 5 DVD set close to your X360.

Lord Anubis3795d ago

they also have a wii and they play them aswell, so what with peeps getting excited. Sony's Santa Monica also have an xbox 360 does that mean God of War III X360 Comfirmed?

Kushan3795d ago

>Nothing is going to happen. Obviously you don't have MGS4. Otherwise you would understand the technical hurdles to putting the game on the 360 are insurmountable.

Since when did owning a game make you a spokesperson for what the technical limitations are for the game or the platform it was developed for? What has owning it got to do with anything?

> They would have to make A LOT OF CHANGES to the game to be Xbox "friendly"

Umm, pretty much all of the things you listed are minor at best. Zune? Change the model of the ipod. 360 posters? A few different textures. That quip about changing disks? A few extra lines of dialogue that, for all you know, they already have recorded anyway. ""Non-existent" MS handheld to control the Mk II"? Last I checked, he was using a SIXAXIS, not a PSP. And so what, Microsoft doesn't compete in the mobile gaming arena, they could throw a DS in there if they wanted, since we already know Konami and Nintendo don't mind sharing things.

I'm not saying that I expect MGS4 on the 360 any time soon, if at all - in fact I think this so-called story is complete bullshit (that could be a regular 360, doesn't mean it's a devkit and even if it was, Konami makes 360 games as well - isn't MGS1 coming out on XBLA?), but guys seriously don't just make it worse by spreading MORE bullshit.

TheSadTruth3795d ago

[email protected] saying in his deleted post he works for Konami

Game developer by day, rabbid ps3 fan by night? We're supposed to believe an adult sits here in his free time and bashes non-Sony consoles for fun? Okay, I'm convinced.

NO_PUDding3795d ago

No but there is even more thigns than that.

It's like whole animations within the briefing missions are focused around Sunny playign a PSP (twice). And although it's redundant without the Mk II it's still soemthign they'd ahve to edit.

Voice acting isn't a two minute job, and to change quite a multitude of the dialogue, plus remove a few Easter Eggs and no Psycho Mantis encounter, you're already starting to butcher the game.

Then you have to take into account the actual density at which Apple is advertised. Sure you could have a Zune and normal PC's, but that would mean chaging the desktops for them, the videos on them, the actual setups.

I mean really, the money they'd have to pay, to get an insanely small amount changed, may not be worth bringing it to the 360, especially when it's then lacking that very important self aware element.

Kushan3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Those are still a whole bunch of minor things that really don't matter. Do you seriously think Microsoft is going to kick up a fuss about a few Apple logos when they could get one of the biggest games of this generation (And a prize exclusive for Sony) onto their console?
The videos, the branding, the little things - they're all inconsequential as it really doesn't take much to change them in comparison to the rest of the game.

The HARD parts are porting the existing code over - we've got no idea just how tightly integrated the engine is to the PS3. It's possible, but that's the brunt of the work right there.
Still, in saying that, they'd easily make their money back from whatever it costs to port the game. Essentially, the expensive parts of the games are done (voice acting, videos, choreography, cut-scenes, etc.) all they have to do is port the code base and swap in a few different assets here and there.
Even if some of the cut-scenes have to be reworked slightly, it's still nothing compared to the vast majority of the game that wouldn't need to be touched.

And why would the psycho mantis bit be affected, at all? I don't know if he reads saved PS1 memory card data (I didn't have any), but all he does is say you've upgraded your hardware and a flash of the original PS1 is shown - what's needed to be changed about that? Even if they removed the flash of the PS1 (To stop Sony complaining), it really wont take away anything from the encounter.
99% of the game is fine, it wouldn't cost 1/10th of the budget of the full game to port it over to the 360 and even if it only sold half as much, it'd still make that money back. Remember, there's still more 360's out there than PS3's.

xhairs93795d ago

"Since when did owning a game make you a spokesperson for what the technical limitations are for the game or the platform it was developed for? What has owning it got to do with anything?"

A bit of your own advice right back at ya buddy. You claim the brunt of the work is changing the code. Regardless of coding or acting, both are professional areas of work, meaning those who code don't necessarily have it harder than those who act. If you haven't done your research (which I'm thinking is the case here) Kojima takes...PRIDE, in his work. Meaning, he wants the best -- not mediocre. Therefor actors do it time and time again until it's done exactly how it needs to be done.

Have you ever tried to do professional recording? Probably not, it's insanely expensive and it's by hour. So what makes you think that if it takes multiple recordings to dub over the PS3 dialogue is going to be cheap? Not to mention -- there's another edit in code right there, no matter how small it's still an edit.

The point is -- this is a PS3 exclusive. This will NEVER be on the 360 and it's been stated within the game plain and simple. All the flash backs in MGS4 would need to be taken out because they're all Sony exclusive games meaning they hold the rights to the flashbacks of previous games -- meaning, no extra drebin points for xbox 360 users -> which leads to, no XBOX 360 achievement unlock for ++++flashbacks.

It's about time you just sat back and realized that this game isn't porting the 360. The 360 can't handle it, it's been proven, and I doubt you know 1/2 of what these other guys talk about as far as processing etc. etc. between the two consoles.


morganfell3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

LOL @TheSadTruth who can't read. Where did I say I worked for Konami in that post? I didn't. Can't you read? I said none of the dev kits we have are black or white. 'We' does not mean Konami, it means where I work.

CrazzyMan3795d ago

They ALWAYS FORGET, that there is NO ps3 game, which was ported to x360. =)))
and they speak about MGS4. =]]

p.s. just for some noobs, that don`t know:
VF5 is an arcade port, NOT ps3.
DMC4 was developed almost simultaneously, and was started on PC.

Kushan3795d ago

What are you even talking about? Where did I say you'd have to redub over anything? Don't you understand that all of the graphics, sound, video, etc. in the game will port fine over to the 360? None of that has to be remade.
I have no idea where you got that idea from, but I certainly never said it.

Also, why would any of the "flashbacks" be owned by Sony? The previous games may have been exclusives at one point, but MGS3 was the ONLY one to remain an exclusive. Konami still owns the rights to those games and everything in them - they can do what they want and Sony has no say in the matter. All of those "flashbacks" are the property of Konami and Konami alone, with one possible exception and that's the picture of the PS1 (and even then, it's debatable).

Really, the main bulk of making a port is the code of the game and that's where the work lies, end of.
And FYI, I make games for a living, so yes, I have done my research.

morganfell3795d ago

All of the Sound and Graphics will not "port fine". The sound will have to be completely re-encoded. The sound reads off the HDD and Bluray disc at the same time. Also textures that are used completely throughout the game and can be called up at will in the Octo cam manual mode will have to be on every single disc. You are potentially looking at 8 discs to meet the need. And it isn't just textures but items that are discovered late in the game will have to be on the initial disc because of the way unlocks work. No forget it. Never coming to the 360 and the above are the LEAST of the technical reasons.

This is all machts nichts anyway as Kojima has said no 360 version. And it is Kojima, as Konami realized, who actually has the authority to make platform choices and he has no intention of compromising his vision. It is Kojima with whom the movie studios had to negotiate for a MGS film, not Konami. It is Kojima that said the Playstation brand had been very good to him and this is payback.

xhairs93795d ago

I never said you claimed that. You inferred it, ignorance is bliss correct?

Sure they will port over fine (give or take) the problem lies within WHAT is actually in those videos. Claims are posted every day of how long these video scenes are correct? Ok, lets take one of these incredibly long cutscenes, oh there's a reference to a Sony product, or a joke about a have to re-edit the whole cutscene in order to make it 360 friendly correct? Meaning more time & money, and if you redub them then you're looking at even more time and money due to bringing in the actors etc. etc. to get the job done, yet again.

And lets not forget, "Microsoft doesn't care about them having Sony products/apple, etc. etc." be honest with yourself. No company in their right mind is going to advertise a competitor like that, that's complete ignorance in itself.

You make games for a living, I sure pity your employer. For a man to claim that simply coding for the port is the only thing holding back MGS4 from becoming a multi-plat, you have simply lowered yourself to a non-respectable position. There's a lot more that goes into games than just simply code, but until you realize that

"Ignorance is bliss."

Lets also look at the PSP throughout the game (rediting this (and don't make a claim about a DS cause that's just dumb) ). You'd have to remake the Internal Podcast's due to the APPLE comments. You have to take out all the PS3's (which could be a pretty easy flip to a 360, yet this still needs to be done, adding up). Sony Ericsons anyone? Yes, you'd have to redo these as well throughout the game since Naomi & Vamp use them correct? Get over yourself.

P.S. forgive me about the flash backs I had just woken up when I wrote that, you are correct that is Konami property there except the PS1 (which can simply be taken out). As far as reading memory cards, Psycho Mantis doesn't do it in this one, he just makes the reference to the PS3 (yet another video section of the game having to be redone). So lets put this through one more much redubbing & video editing must be done in order to make this 360 friendly? Just as much as porting code...

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ElementX3795d ago

Interesting. But it doesn't mean anything

jromao3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Yes it means something, they need some trash can to place garbage, what better place than 360 ?

SuicidalTendencies3795d ago

Maybe he likes to play a little Halo or Gears of War when he's not working. : )

v1c1ous3795d ago

cause ppl were not getting their work done.

Relcom3795d ago

its a 360 4 sure but who knows if its a dev kit? file this one under not likely

predator3795d ago

could mean a number of things...He has a yet un-announced game in production for the 360

the rumored ZOE 3 could be coming to 360 as well as PS3

or the big one MGS4 is in fact heading towards 360 or Metal Gear Solid 4 Substance

at least 360 owners can enjoy his games if he is indeed developing for it

morganfell3795d ago

Part of your post may be valid but the last part no. On top of the two reasons I stated above you don't take a game already too big for the 360 and make it bigger for the 360.

predator3795d ago

who said its to big? what that it will need to be on multiple disks? if you're saying the 360 can't handle it then you are talking out of you're @ss

3795d ago
SCThor3795d ago

and you'll know why is not possible.

IaMs123795d ago

oh its possible, IMO i rather swap a disk for 10 secs then sit and wait for a 5 min install... also if you read on N4G Japan has developed a way put 42gbs on a DVD... yes it says cannont be played on current DVD players BUT they may find a way to, its still in development....
i just like to add this in, PS3 wouldnt even be able to handle Gears just like you say 360 cannot handle MGS4...

meepmoopmeep3795d ago

or it could be the past games for XBLA
(as i've stated in the forums)

Kushan3795d ago

Disk size is completely irrelevant. There's nothing stopping them putting the game on 5 disks if they really wanted. Does it matter? As a PS3 fanboy, one might laugh at their 360 fanboy cousins having to swap disks at the end of an act, but while you're busy laughing, you're also waiting the 3mins for the game to install that particular act - something you'll have to do every single time you change acts. Is that all that different from swapping disks? Sure, you don't have to get off your ass to do anything, but you still have to wait, so I really think it's a non-issue,

As for games looking better on one console or another, it's completely irrelevant - you can't compare MGS4 to ANY game on the 360 because they all look completely different and have entirely different art styles. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of it, you may be saddened to know that the PS3's GPU is inferior to the 360's GPU by some degree and the power of the CELL only just makes up for it. Believe it or not, both consoles are on par with what GRAPHICS they can output, so it's also a non-issue.

Really, there is no valid reason why MGS4 couldn't be ported, in full, to the 360 - it's entirely up to Kojima and Konami if it ever happens.

callahan093795d ago

At ~.5

Why do you say the PS3 is incapable of running Gears of War?

TheExecutive3795d ago

At 5.7.. you act like switching the disk will all of a sudden take away installing and load times.

The 360 has no standard hard drive, that alone is the reason why MGS4 will not go to this generation of xboxs

Can you imagine the load times on the 360? They would be horrendous.

meepmoopmeep3795d ago

i agree, without the installs or standard hdd it will really hinder the game on a 360

3795d ago
themyk3795d ago

@ kushan. if ps3 graphix are inferior then why is the ps3 graphics pretty much way better than 360.

i've seen the screens of gears. looks just like the first one. the first one was great when it came out a couple years ago but now thats pretty dated.

resistance well blow it away graphically and every other way. but especially graphically.

and i've never seen a game on a console compared to mgs4. so when you guys put out a game that looks better than that on your "superior" graphix card, let me know.

BkaY3795d ago

"the rumored ZOE 3 could be coming to 360 as well as PS3
or the big one MGS4 is in fact heading towards 360 or Metal Gear Solid 4 Substance "


IaMs123794d ago

Ive read that PS3 as 256mb RAM (WAIT FANBOYS!) which it really has 512 from which i have heard recently, now the problem is they have the RAM split as so i read... therefore if i read this correct, they have 256mb to play with for a portion of the game and 256 for something totaly different(it was like my computer before i had 512mb right but i had access to 300+ because my Video chip was taking 1/4 of it, thats what the PS3 is doing) so at somewhat they are limited... now the 360 has 512 RAM total that is not sharing, and gears takes that to full advantage...

let the bashing begin..

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