RARE make fun of Sony - MASSIVE DAMAGE

This is one of the "help card" screens you see in Viva Piñata when the game's loading. Cute, Rare. Very cute.

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Karibu4400d ago

MS is getting desperate.

CompGeek4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Dominating the market means they're getting desperate? Get over it fanboy, it's funny.

bung tickler4400d ago

ummm ms owns rare... but it is funny none the less.

USMChardcharger4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

in the comment section of the web page this article hails from a guy ask the origins of this joke.

a guy explains the whole deal to him.

i have to watch & listen more carefully, i missed a good laugh when watching the E3 confrence as well.

he explains some of the commentary like the game features real-time weapons change (what?), and that the battles are based on real Japanese battles. At that point a gaint crab shows up (lol)...

i would have loved to have seen the faces of the audience at that moment.

that could have been a M$ game and i would have still made this post.

funny is funny

USMChardcharger4400d ago

since we are all in a laughing mood i have to report my mistake on the post above.

i have since corrected it after i read my mistake.

i edited the line about a giant crab showing up...

i at first wrote, "At that point a gaint crap shows up"

if a gaint crap had shown up, the whole audience would have been rolling on the floor.

anyway, i made my self laugh

TMoney4400d ago

...did show up. It's called the PS3 launch lineup. Now that's the real joke.

Ghost 0f 0nyx4400d ago

The Joke was that the developer said that the battles in Genji 2 are based off of actual ancient Japanese battles. And then when they are showing the gameplay, you have to fight a Giant Crab and use real weapon changes to flip it over for massive damgage.

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The story is too old to be commented.