Game Revolution reviews Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Nick Tan reports:

''More than who Don King is, is what Don King represents - the notorious promoter - an out-of-this-world personality, an eccentric silver-gray electric-springing hairdo that looks like Einstein blow-drying himself at the speed of light, a knack for getting sued for fraud by boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis, and a propensity to speak with a bombastic splurge of suffix-spliced in-his-own-head jargon filled with "fantastical spectaculosity". But I'll just call it what it really is: "flamboyasuckitation".

click to enlargePompously stepping into the ring with the Fight Night franchise, Don King Presents Prizefighter struts its 2KSports logo with the menacing glare of a doppelganger. Stare as it might, though, it's hardly anything more than a cardboard cutout of its EA Sports counterpart. The screenshots, the Burnout-esque menu interface, and the hittin' soundtrack may all make it look like it's a worthy competitor to Fight Night, but if you shuffle in close to the gameplay, you realize that it's so thin and limp that you could flick it over with your pinky.''

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