Indiagames and Ignition Working on PS3-Only Title, Could be WarDevil

The Angry Pixel speculates that the game Indiagames and Ignition Entertainment are working together on happens to be the mysterious Playstation 3 exclusive - WarDevil.

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Relcom3796d ago

that last trailer they release was probaly the worst thing i have seen, i'm fairly certain this game will be alright.

Silogon3796d ago

I'm pretty sick of button mashing, nano armor wearing, combo twitch games, myself. FPS and These "action" kind of games are really getting old.

Ninja Gaiden
Devil May Cry
God of War

All really good games, aside from Devil may cry, but give it a rest. These games all play the same. Hell, now we're getting games like Ghost Rider and Hell Boy that mimick the gameplay of these games. It's tired and it's old, just like the FPs and the Sand box game.

We need to invient some new genres or go back to some forgotten ones. The 2-d platformer would be a nice change of pace, actually. The (TRADITIONAL) RPG would be a godsend, complete with overworld map too.

Relcom3796d ago

the RPG part, I have been waiting for a (good) RPG since i got a PS3

Silogon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Well, you're a part of the problem then. The reason why games and genres don't evolve past the number system behind the name of the games is people like you.

People who don't like change. People who think 1 engine should run each new installment. People who think MAdden should continue to come out with new games at full price every year instead of downloadable patches.

People who think Online Death matches and capture the flag games are where it's at and will always be the hot spot in gaming. People who think looking down the steel end of a barrel never gets old, while flipping switches and shooting people in the ass online.

Yeah, you can disagree with me but I want you to know I disagree with you and anyone who tries to keep status quo going even more.

Then again, it's not suprising you like the same ol' same everytime. Look at your Avatar. Rap and hip hop are redundant forms of entertainment too. To say we don't need to ever create new genres is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard here, besides the wii is a viable system.

heyheyhey3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

holy sh!t Silogon

calm down

what is with you and negativity? go outside, take a breather and stop trying to depress everyone


why people got you back up to 4 bubbles is beyond me, all you ever do is fuking complain and go HUGELY off-topic in every single article

can we take this guy back to one-bubble land where he belongs?

and can you please look a little deeper when you play your games- Devil May Cry and God of War are completely different experiences- both hack n' slash action, but both with their own style

like with FPS games- Bioshock is a completely different experience from COD4, while The Darkness is also completely seperate

incidentally, what the hell do you play? you seem to complain about every genre there is

Silogon3796d ago

1 bubble, 2 bubble 10 bubbles my point was made with 1. I don't care if you disagree with it, or like it, or what the hell you do with it. Ignore it, ignore me.

To say or even entertain the notion that we should never expand upon the genres we alreayd have is absurd to say the very least. You're making excuses for yourself and him above and you're going on your little tangit saying COD4 is sooooooooooo much different than Battlefield, really how? how is COD4 differnt than Bioshock even? Cosmetically? Cause what I see is you playing as a gun in the following

Teh darkness

& tons more. That's what I see. I see a whole lot of flip switching, playing as a gun and shooting eachother in absurd online death matches that are all the same.

Now, do I hate God of war? No. Not at all, I'm just the type of person who plays it, loves it and doesn't need 50 more games to play just like it. Diversity would be nice and as I said, if you disagree that's fine, but I'd hate to see your game collection.

It's probably looking like this

Ninja Gaiden
Devil May cry
God of war
Cod 4
Battlefield bad company
Halo 3
Virtua figher 5
Metal Gear solid 4
Assassins Creed

That is your collection of games I bet. typical and bland.

thesummerofgeorge3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Silogon get over it buddy, your opinion isn't the only opinion. Pull that 10 foot poll out of your @ss and quit being a douche to people cause they have their own views, just like you do.
I personally think the GoW series is one of the best out there, so I hope developers aren't listening to you, the minority who dislikes these games.

EDIT: If you seem to be so bitter and unhappy with the state of the industry and have nothing positive to say, why not find a new hobby that doesn't piss you off so much. If all you're gonna do is complain it seems that gaming is not for you....

Silogon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Can't comprehend, heh? I love God of War, as stated above. Only, I don't need 50 games trying to be god of war and failing miserably to do so.

Called Quality control, which is something each and everyone of your game collections probably lack.

Also, do you realise how hypocritical you all are? If I hate the gaming industry and it P*SSES me off and you all love it so much, yet you let me p*SS you all off, does that make sense?

To me, if I should leave this hobby behind because it P*SSES me off, then you should, cause I p*SS you all off, leave me alone, ignore me and move on yourselfs.

Not hard to do, guys. You all seem to be under the assumption I care about your alls opinions towards me and these bubbles. My opinion is all that matters here and if I can state it, that's what matteres.

When something is good, I'll give my opinion on it. When something is bad, I'll give my opinion on it. When I like something, I'll let it be known, when I hate something I'll let it be known.

I'll do so with 1 bubble, 2 bubbles, 3 bubbles or 100 bubbles.

thesummerofgeorge3796d ago

Did I say you piss me off? no... Can't comprehend eh?... Anyway on your best day buddy, you couldn't even dream to affect my mood, you're little people, you have nothing intelligent to say, so don't flatter yourself. Anyway, I've said what I have to say, and that's it, cause talking to you is like arguing with a 5 year old.... it goes nowhere.

gameraxis3796d ago

these action adventure games can be epic, like the boss battles in DMC4, and alot of acrobatic, realtime cutscenes ( that GOW touched on and will hopefully be expanded in the third) ohter than that i hear ya, but i think this game will be epic by incorporation both of what i just mentioned

Kyur4ThePain3796d ago

He may be off topic, and a little bombastic, but I believe he has a valid point.
Nothing wrong with expressing it.

thesummerofgeorge3796d ago

It's fine to express your opinion, but when you start flippin out on people for having their own opinion, it's not cool. Some people just take themselves too seriously. Not that I have a problem with a good argument, but there's a constructive way to do it, I think...

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heyheyhey3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

huh? so what the hell happened to Digi-Guys

weren't they working on Wardevil?

methinks this game is something else


ahhhh ok, i smell you- can't wait to get more info on the game, hope there's a presentation at E3

KeezNah3796d ago

Digi-Guys is a subsidiary of Ignition Entertainment, therefore it is highly likely that they are still developing this. However, what is being implied with Indiagames is that they too will have a hand in the game's development but its not specified as to what part they'll be working on.

sonarus3796d ago

The only possible on PS3 part is sure to roll some heads

heyheyhey3796d ago

"Besides, through our group company Ignition we are working on three other titles, of which one game can only run on a PS3."

almost makes you proud don't it?

here's to hoping those other two titles are exclusive as well

hack64643796d ago

You still banned to the openzone?

Hellsvacancy3796d ago

Wardevil looks "ok" but i really dont see myself buyin it

sayin that i havnt really seen much of it but from wot i hav seen im not really impressed the monster things or wotever they r remind me of the puppet baddies from the first devil may cry game

alakazzam3796d ago

yeah ive seen a video of it somewhere and it looked so boring, never know til its released tho

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